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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Should I 'Sleep' With My Fiance For Medical Reasons??

I Have A Fiancé To Marry Soon. The Last Time He Made Love Was Dec. 2010. Now He Complains Of Malaria, Body Pains, And Waist Pains. He Had Visited The Hospital On Several Occasions For The Treatment But Despite The Drugs And The Treatment Given To Him Proved Abortive. So He Went To The Hospital Yesterday, When He Got There, The Doctor Interviewed Him...Mr So So, Am Very Sorry To Have Said This, Do You Have A Girlfriend? He Said Yes, Please When Last Did You Have Sex?...Said It’s Been Long. 
The Doctor Screamed And Said;  No Wonder You’ve Been Sick All This While. My Advice For You Now Is To go And See Your Girlfriend.
And This Man I’m Talking About Is A True Child Of GOD. He Tells Me Whatever Happens To Him On Phone Cos I’m Far Away From Him And We Do Communicate On Phone. Now, My Question Is That Any Time I Go And See Him, Should I Allow Him Or Not?

Asking Me If You Should Allow Him Make Love To You Or Not When You Visit Him Next Is Like Asking Me If You Should Allow Him Take You To Heaven Or Hell And My Answer Will Always Be Heavenly-Minded – Don’t Allow Him!!

So Dear, Please
Don’t Give In To That Subtle Pressure. If The Brother Who’s Your Fiancé Is Really A Born-Again Child Of God, Let Him Pray Away Those Pains And Sicknesses Because Pain Alone Is Not Enough Reason For A Child Of God To Commit Sin That Will Lead Him/Her To Hell.

There’s Nothing Wrong In Keeping A Distant Relationship As Far As Both Parties Really TRUST Each Other. Continue Praying For Him To Overcome All Those Challenges With The Hope That When Both Of You Marry Soon Like You Said, God’s Blessings And Favour Will Richly Be Your Portion.

Also Encourage Him In The Lord So That He Can Prayerfully Resist Temptations From Ladies Sponsored By The Enemy (The Devil).

Remain Richly Blessed..

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