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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Should I Move On Or Wait For Him??

Dear Beloved, I Was Having A Distant Relationship With A Guy Whom I Love So Much Until He Ended It In January. We Were In This Relationship For 5 Months. During Last Year's Christmas, I Went To Meet Him In Africa ‘Cos I Study In Europe And We Had A Great Time Together, Went Places And He Introduced Me To His Friends. 
After The Holidays I Came Back To Europe And Then We Started Having Problems. He Was Getting Jealous About Everything Which Was Normal To Me But He Took It To A Greater Level And Wanted Too Much Attention And I Am A Medical Student Which Means I Need More Time To Study Instead. Because Of This We Argued A Lot And He Took The Arguments Seriously That He Broke Up With Me. It Still Doesn't Make Sense To Me Why We Broke Up But He Gave Me Some Reason That He Needed Time Alone. 
It’s Been 4 Months Now Since The Break Up And He Won't Tell Me Whether To Move On Or Wait For Him. Its Either He Is Seeing Someone Else Now Or He Never Did Love Me Or Maybe All He Wanted Was Sex Because The Mistake I Made Was Sleeping With Him. I Love This Guy So Much And He Said He Would Marry Me But Now I Don't Know If That Will Even Happen Cos We Hardly Talk And I Don't Know If He Will Ever Get Back To Me. I Have Been Praying To God To Show Me If He's Really The One. 
My Question Now Is Should I Move On With My Life Or Should I Wait For God To Answer Somehow?

My Dear, I Really Feel Your Pain And Even If It’s True That You’ve Made The Mistake Of Sleeping With Him, That Should Not Be The End Of Your Life. Our God Is A God Of Second Chances!
Confess That Sin Of Pre-Marital Sex And Genuinely Repent From It And I Know That The Blood Of Our Lord Jesus Will Totally Cleanse You.
Secondly, Please Don’t Start Running After That Guy Because He Really Doesn’t Deserve You. You Might Be Hurting Right Now But A Broken Relationship Is Far Better Than A Broken Marriage. Just Learn Your Lesson And Never Give Your Heart And Body To Another Guy Who Promises To “Marry You”.
Most Guys Will Promise You Anything Just To Get Between Your Legs And You Seriously Have To Guard Yourself Against That. Please Focus On Your Studies And Most Importantly, On God And I Bet You That When The Time Is Right, He Will Bring Along Your Path, The Man Who Truly Deserves You.
Finally, Move On With Your Life And Trust God For A Better Man Who’ll Love And Appreciate You As Christ Loves The Church.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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