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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm In Love With One Of My Mentors But She's So Hesitant Because Of Her Age. What Do I Do??

Hi Beloved, I’m A New Convert And I’m Very Happy About The Path The Lord Is Taking Me Through. I Am In Love With One Of My Spiritual Mentors In The Church. We Have Been So Close And I Have Even Told Her I Love Her And She Directed Me To Speak With The Pastor Which I Did, And Constantly I Have Been Having Counsels From The Pastor.
She Has Been Out Of A Relationship For 2years Now And The Relationship Lasted For 7yrs Which Is Making Her Find It Difficult To Open Herself Up To Me. My Issues Are As Follows; She Complains Of Her Age ‘Cos She Is 5months Older Than Me. I Believe She Loves Me ‘Cos It Shows But She Kept Fighting It Whenever She Gets Such Emotion For Me.... I Have Prayed And Still Praying. Please Beloved What Do I Do As I Really Love Her.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Falling In Love With One Of Your Mentors But The Question I’ll Ask You Is This; When Those Feelings Began To Arise, Did You Pray About It To Know If She’s God’s Choice Of A Wife For You? I Didn’t See You Talking About Marriage And I’m Really Not Comfortable With Just Telling Her You Love Her.

I Perfectly Understand Her Hesitancy In Opening Herself Up To You Because She
Wasted Seven (7) Years Of Her Life And Precious Time Over A Wrong Relationship And She Would Want To Be Very Sure Before Accepting To Go Into Another Relationship. I Know You’ll Want That For Her Too.

When God Approves A Relationship, Age Is Of No Issue Because Both Parties Would Be Majorly Interested In Following God’s Purposes For Their Lives. The Difference In Age Is Even So Small To Be A Barrier But Each Individual Has A Different Opinion On The Issue Of Age Anyway.

Finally, There’s Nothing Prayer Cannot Solve So Dear, Continue Praying And I Sincerely Believe God Will Make His Purpose For Both Of You Clear In Due Time And This Issue Will Be Resolved. By The Way, I Welcome You With All Joy Into God’s Family Here On Earth.

Remain Richly Blessed.

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