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Monday, June 25, 2012

THE “R” IN T-“R”-U-S-T..

“R” Stands For “RELIABLE”. This Word I Believe Is Gotten From These Two Words; RELY And ABLE. Bringing Them Together Would Give Us ‘Able To Be Relied On’ So Are You Able To Be Relied On? Can Your God-Approved Partner Rely On You? If He/She Cannot Rely On You, Then How Can You Be Trusted Or Depended On?
John 8:26b Tell Us That “He Who Sent Me Is Reliable, And What I Have Heard From Him, I Will Tell The World”.
We See Jesus Telling Us In That Verse That God Who Sent Him Is Reliable And Whatever He Hears From Him Is Exactly What He Will Tell The World. In This Sense, If God Your Father Is Reliable, Why Won’t You, His Daughter/Son, Be Reliable Too?

Most Times, We Find It So Easy To Claim That We’re God’s Children And If Indeed We Are, We’re Supposed To Have Our Father’s Characteristics In Us – If He’s A Dependable And Reliable God Which Makes Christians All Over The World To Trust In Him, Then As His Children, People Should Also Show Their Trust In Us By Depending And Relying On Us.

If Your God-Approved Partner Cannot Depend On You, He/She Cannot Trust You. So If You Want Them To Trust You, Make Yourself Able To Be Relied On.

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