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Monday, June 18, 2012

The "T" In T-R-U-S-T..

We Ought To Know The True Meaning Of The Word “Trust” Before Giving Our Hearts To Anyone So As To Avoid Un-necessary Heartbreaks. I’ll Be Sharing The Meaning Of Each Letter That Make Up T-R-U-S-T With You On A Weekly Basis. This Tuesday, We’ll Be Starting With The First Letter Which Is “T”.

THE   “T”   IN   “T”-R-U-S-T:
“T” Stands For “TRUTHFUL”. Being Always Truthful Means Being Realistic And Never Having To Lie About Anything Concerning Your Life; And Not Concealing The Truth Either. If Your God-Approved Partner Cannot Vouch For You, How Can He/She Be Able To Trust You? They Will Always Be Suspecting You Even When You Decide To Tell Them The Truth.
Proverbs 12:19 Tells Us That “Truthful Lips Endures Forever, But A Lying Tongue Lasts Only
A Moment”. So If You’re Being Very Truthful In Your Relationship, Then You Are Building Trust In Your Partner And He/She Will Know That Whenever You Are Called Upon, You Will Speak The Truth And Nothing But The Truth.

Proverbs12:22 Also Tells Us That “The Lord Detests Lying Lips, But He Delights In Men (And Women) Who Are Truthful”. From This Verse, I Can Say That You Cannot Say You’re A Born-Again Child Of God And Still Lies Because The Father Of Lies And All Liars Is Devil Not God (John 8:44b).

Being Always Truthful Breeds “TRUST” And If You Still Lie To Your God-Approved Partner, Little Wonder You’re Still Having ‘Trust’ Problems With Him/Her.

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