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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is It Normal For A Guy To Be So Jealous In A Relationship??

Hi Beloved, Is It Normal For A Guy To Be So So Jealous In A Relationship When Both Parties Are Christians??
In Answering This Questions, I’ll Show You First Of All That We Have Two Types Of Jealously – Godly Jealousy And Ungodly Jealously. The Bible Tells Us As A Matter Of Fact That Our God Is A Consuming Fire, A Jealous God Who Will Not Share His Glory With Any Man.

Paul, In 2 Cor.11:2, Said That He Was Jealous For The Corinthians With A Godly Jealously Because He Wanted To Present Them As Pure Virgins To Christ. From This, I Can Say That It Is

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is Touching And Kissing Biblical??

My Question Is This: There’s This Man My Sister Wants To Get Married To. Any Time She Goes To His Place, She Tells Me That He Kissed &Touched Her (You Know What Kind Of Touch I'm Talking About). But They Don’t Make Love, In-fact, She's Still A Virgin. My Question Is This, Is The Touching And The Kissing Biblical?
The Straight And Honest Answer To Your Question Is NO! Touching And Kissing Before Marriage Is Not Biblical. The World Might Have Their Own Definition But As Born-Again Children Of The Most-High God, The Bible Remains Our Standard.

What The Bible Says In 1 Cor.6:19-20 Is That “Our Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit Which Is In Us And That We Do Not Own Ourselves. We Are Bought With A Price Therefore We Have To Glorify God In Our Bodies And Spirits”.

You Can Ask Yourself This Question; IF

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Husband Abandoned My Son And I; I Want To Re-marry But Can't. What Do I Do?

Good Day Beloved, Please I Need Your Help And Advice. I've Been Married For The Past 7yrs Now With A 6yrs Old Son. My Husband Brought Another Woman Into The House And Stopped Taking Care Of My Son And I. So, For Almost 4yrs Now, I’ve Been Staying With My Mum & Brother. 
My Problem Now Is That Someone Wants To Marry Me But He Went To My Family House And They Told Him That I’m Married Whilst There’s Another Woman Staying With My Husband. I Went To Family Tribunal And They Sent Him A Letter; He Told Me He Is Going To His Home Town And Come But They Have Not Called The Case Truly Up Till Now And It’s Been 2yrs Now. I’m Confused. 

Wow! This Is The First Question I’ve Received Concerning Marriage Issues On This Page And It’s So Touching But Since I’m Not Yet Married And Therefore A Bit Inexperienced On Counseling Married Couples, I’ll Completely Rely On The Holy Spirit And Answer This Question Purely As Led By Him.
First Of All, One Thing You Must Understand As A Child Of God Is That God Hates Divorce (Malachi 2:16a). His Original Plan For Marriage Was For A Man

Monday, May 28, 2012

Should I Pursue Her Further Cos She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex?

Hi Beloved, I Have A Question But Also A Request. I Met This Girl For Whom I Care Deeply. We Are Not In A Relationship – We Are At This Stage Only Friends. She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex Who Has Hurt Her And Cheated On Her Time And Time Again. They Also Have Not Been In A Relationship For More Than Two Years Now And She Has Not Been In A Relationship Since Then Though She Does See Him From Time To Time. I Feel He Is Only Using Her. 
I Have Asked Her To Go Out With Me At Times And We Always Seem To Have A Good Time. At Times, It Does Seem She Likes Me But Then She Had Said To Others Hurtful Things Like ‘I Irritate Her’. I Do Feel In My Heart That We Could Be A Good Match But My Request And Question Is; Should I Pursue Her Further And Try To Win Her Heart Or Is It Better To Leave It? I Would Like Someone To Please Pray For Me And Give Me Some Godly Advice As The Holy Spirit Leads Him/Her.

I Would Advise You To Leave Pursuing Her Further As To Win Her Heart Because From What You Said In Your Question, She’s Still In Love With Her Ex And She Might Only Use You As A “REBOUND” Which Could Be Very Hurtful When She Finally Decides To Move Ahead In Her Life Without You.

Secondly, I Didn’t See You Calling Her A

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All He Wants Is Sex And I'm Not Ready For That..

Hi, I’m In Love With A Guy From My Church But From The Look Of Things, All He Wants From Me Is Sex And I’m Not Ready For That Before Marriage. Please Help. Should I Leave Him?

The Answer Is Very Straight-Forward. Yes!!! Please Leave Him Because Any Guy That Truly Loves You And Wants To Marry You Will Never Keep Demanding Sex From You.

The Way You Said “ALL” He Wants From You Is Sex Shows That Once He

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is It God's Plan To Date An Older Woman?

Hi Beloved, Do You Think It’s A Good Idea Or God’s Plan For A Man To Date An Older Woman?

This Is A Delicate Question And I’ll Answer It As The Holy Spirit Leads Me. First Of All, I Don’t Believe In Dating Because I Don’t See Any Benefit One Can Get From It. As A Born-Again Child Of God Which I Want To Believe That Man Is, What Are His True Motives For Dating At All?

Some Guys Date Or Marry Older Women For Their Money And Influence. Others Date Their Peers Or Younger Ones For Fun And Pre-Marital Sex Which Is A SIN! I Would Have Preferred You To Ask If A Man Can Marry

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Tired Of Holding On..

Hi Beloved, Here's My Story: Not So Long Ago A Certain Brother X Was Pursuing After Me. I Was So Reluctant To Enter Into The Relationship But He Kept On Persisting. One Day, I Invited Him To My Church And The Message Was As If The Pastors Were Preaching About Us. It Was The Same As What Was Going On At That Very Time. 
We Then Decided To Fast For Nearly Two Weeks Praying To God Asking For Direction And Somehow I Found Myself Loving This Guy. Within Weeks, Brother X Decided He Wanted To Marry Me. Like Before, I Wasn’t Too Sure Of This Step But After Praying And Seeing His Determination I Agreed.

 I Told My Parents Who Are Divorced And My Uncles As I Wanted To Find Out How We Were Supposed To Do Things. He Also Told His Mum And She Vowed To Help Wherever She Could. Problem Came When He Told His Dad And He Said NO. I Felt So Crushed. Since Then We Haven’t Had Any Normal Relationship. He Now Finds Fault In Almost Everything I Say. I Call Him Twice A Day But He Never Calls Back. 
One Time, We Almost Broke ‘Cos He Used To Write Flirty Comments To Every Chick On Facebook. I Corrected Him Telling Him That I Wasn’t Worried That He Was Cheating On Me But His Comments Were Not Godly Seeing That One Day He Wants To Become A Pastor. Howbeit Will He Preach With Such An Open Record? He Got Frustrated With It. My Question Now Is Should I Continue Riding A Dead Horse Or Move On With My Life. I Have Forgiven Him And I Still Have Some Love For Him But I’m Tired Of Holding On.

I Believe You've Already Answered Your Question. So, Stop Riding A Dead Horse And Move On With Your Life. When God Gives You A Godly Husband, You'll

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

She Feels Worthless 'Cos She Lost Her Virginity..

Dear Beloved, Thank You For The Opportunity To Participate In The Question And Answer Forum. I'm 21 Years And Have A Sister Who Is 2 Years Younger Than I. She Lost Her Virginity Some Time Last Year To Her Church Boyfriend (Now Ex-Boyfriend). The Problem Is That She Doesn't Want To Enter In Any Relationship Because She Feels Worthless, Useless And So Ashamed Of Herself. 
If We Start Talking About Relationships, She Will Say "Who Wants An Empty Useless Thing Like Me". This Virginity Loss Issue Is Torturing Her And Eating Her Up. She Is Always Depressed. It's Also Worrying Me Because She Is Beginning To Give Up On Everything. HELP PLEASE.

I Don’t Know How To Begin Answering This Heart-Touching Question Except To Pray For Your Sister: My Lord And Father, I Come Into Your Presence With A Heavy Heart For Your Daughter Who’s Feeling Worthless

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loving Someone Who Loves Another..

Hi Beloved. My Problem Is That There’s This Guy At Church. We Dated For A While And We Decided To Put Things On Hold Since We Were Not Following The Church’s Doctrine. Then A Friend Of Mine Came And Told Me That She Dated This Guy Too But They Couldn’t Continue Since She Is Now Pregnant For Another Guy. 
The Problem Is That I Love This Guy But The Guy Still Loves My Pregnant Girlfriend Though He Doesn’t Know It. Please What Do I Do?

My Dear, I Believe The Answer Is Already Clear Enough. You Love A Guy Who Loves Another Lady Who Is Pregnant For Another Guy – I Can’t See Any

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Two Good Friends Are Now Enemies. What Do I Do?

Hi Beloved,  My Problem And Question Is As Follows: I Have Two Male Mutual Friends.  They Were Once Good Friends But Now Are More Like "Enemies" Because Of Some Girl From Outa Town.  Now The Problem Is That I Want To Visit Them But Since They Don’t See Eye-To-Eye, I’m Confused Because I Can't See Them At The Same Time And I Only Have One (1) Day To Pay Them A Visit. What Do I Do?
 I’ll Start By Saying That If You Are A Born-Again Christian, The First Thing That Should Be Bothering You Is The Enmity Or Hostility Between These Two Guys That Are Your Close Friends. As

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is The Exchange Of "Passwords" So Important In A Relationship?

Is Exchanging The E-Mail Or Facebook Password So Important In A Relationship? If Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Give You Her/His E-Mail Or Password, Does It Mean He/She Is Cheating On You? 

I’m Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship And My Partner Asked For My E-Mail And Password Which I Gave To Him. But He Said They Didn’t Match And I’m Lying To Him. Now We Are Always Fighting ‘Cos He Thinks I’m Cheating On Him Or Hiding Something From Him But I’m Honest And Love This Guy So Much Though He Seems Not To Trust Or Believe Me. 

He Doesn’t Call Or Text Me. If I Don’t Call Or Text Him, We Won’t Talk To Each Other. I’m Afraid ‘Cos I Don’t Want To Lose Him. I Love Him So Much. Please Help Me. What Do I Do To Make Him Understand How I Feel?

The Exchange Of E-Mail And Facebook Passwords Is Not Mandatory For All Relationships But If Both Partners Want It, Then They Can Go For It. There’s

Monday, May 07, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I Do! (10)..


Every Successful Marriage Has God At Work From Its Beginning Till Its End (Death Not Divorce). It Is Not Only During The Relationship And Wedding That He Must Work. He Is The One That Must Be At Work All Through Every Stage, Every Turn And Everyday Of The Holy Wedlock.

It Is God At Work That Fuses/Join Two Seemingly Different, Independent Personalities Into One Flesh. It Is God At Work That Releases

Friday, May 04, 2012

Weekend Quote..

It Is Absolutely Clear That God Has Called You To A Free Life. Just Make Sure That You Don’t Use This Freedom As An Excuse To Do Whatever You Want To Do And Destroy Your Freedom. 

Rather, Use Your Freedom To Serve One Another In Love; That’s How Freedom Grows. For Everything We Know About God’s Word Is Summed Up In A Single Sentence: Love Others As You Love Yourself.
That Is An Act Of True Freedom. (The Message Translation – Galatians:5:13-14)..

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Can I Marry And Still Trust Her??

Hi Beloved, If You Were Dating A Girl And She Starts Dating Another Guy Along The Line. She Later Confesses And Asks You For Forgiveness, Can You Marry This Person In Future And Still Trust Her? I Need Your Opinion Please..

My Answer Will Be Yes – You Can Marry Her And Still Trust Her Because She Confessed And Asked For Your Forgiveness. But Before You Can Talk Of Marrying Her, Check Her Spiritual State And Yours. Is She Born Again? Are You Born Again?
If The Answer Is NO, Then It Is Very Possible That She Will