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Monday, May 28, 2012

Should I Pursue Her Further Cos She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex?

Hi Beloved, I Have A Question But Also A Request. I Met This Girl For Whom I Care Deeply. We Are Not In A Relationship – We Are At This Stage Only Friends. She Seems To Be In Love With Her Ex Who Has Hurt Her And Cheated On Her Time And Time Again. They Also Have Not Been In A Relationship For More Than Two Years Now And She Has Not Been In A Relationship Since Then Though She Does See Him From Time To Time. I Feel He Is Only Using Her. 
I Have Asked Her To Go Out With Me At Times And We Always Seem To Have A Good Time. At Times, It Does Seem She Likes Me But Then She Had Said To Others Hurtful Things Like ‘I Irritate Her’. I Do Feel In My Heart That We Could Be A Good Match But My Request And Question Is; Should I Pursue Her Further And Try To Win Her Heart Or Is It Better To Leave It? I Would Like Someone To Please Pray For Me And Give Me Some Godly Advice As The Holy Spirit Leads Him/Her.

I Would Advise You To Leave Pursuing Her Further As To Win Her Heart Because From What You Said In Your Question, She’s Still In Love With Her Ex And She Might Only Use You As A “REBOUND” Which Could Be Very Hurtful When She Finally Decides To Move Ahead In Her Life Without You.

Secondly, I Didn’t See You Calling Her A
Born-Again Child Of God But I Want To Believe You’re One From The Way You Asked To Be Prayed For And Seeking Godly Advice From People Led By The Holy Spirit. So If Indeed You’re A Born Again Believer In Christ Jesus, Why Would You Want To Associate With Someone Who’s Not? Remember What The Scriptures Says In 2Cor.6:14.
I Am Of The View That Most Of Us Can Avoid Unnecessary Heartbreaks If Only We Would Consult God First And Seek His Consent. Have You Prayed About This Issue Bothering You? Have You Asked God If That Girl Is The “Help-Meet” He Has In Mind For You? If You Can Obtain These Answers From God, You’ll Really Know What To Do About Her.

Finally, Someone Who Says Hurtful Things About You Is Not Really Someone You Should Be Considering For A Godly Relationship. I Think She Doesn’t Deserve You. Prayerfully Seek God And Wait On Him To Bless You With A Godly Lady Who’ll Really Be A Divine Help-Meet In Your Life.


  1. Fully answered, any other respond differ from this may be a misled. God bless the vessel through which this answer comes from. Amen
    And my prayer to the brother that ask the question is that, may God gives you the grace to overcome any wrong emotions that faces you as a challenge. Amen! Amen!.

    1. Thanks Abdron and God bless you too for taking your time to read and comment on the blog. It's appreciated..


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