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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Can I Marry And Still Trust Her??

Hi Beloved, If You Were Dating A Girl And She Starts Dating Another Guy Along The Line. She Later Confesses And Asks You For Forgiveness, Can You Marry This Person In Future And Still Trust Her? I Need Your Opinion Please..

My Answer Will Be Yes – You Can Marry Her And Still Trust Her Because She Confessed And Asked For Your Forgiveness. But Before You Can Talk Of Marrying Her, Check Her Spiritual State And Yours. Is She Born Again? Are You Born Again?
If The Answer Is NO, Then It Is Very Possible That She Will
Cheat On You Again During Marriage Or You Will Cheat On Her Because It Is Only When We Become Born Again And The Holy Spirit Begins Work In Us That We Will Never Cheat On Our Partners.
So First Things First, Make Sure That Both Of You Have Genuinely Given Your Lives To Christ And Become Born Again Before Talking About Marriage Because It Is Only In So Doing Will You Be Able To Trust Her Fully Again. If Not, You’ll Continue To Doubt And Suspect Her Even After Marriage.
Remain richly blessed..

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