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Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Tired Of Holding On..

Hi Beloved, Here's My Story: Not So Long Ago A Certain Brother X Was Pursuing After Me. I Was So Reluctant To Enter Into The Relationship But He Kept On Persisting. One Day, I Invited Him To My Church And The Message Was As If The Pastors Were Preaching About Us. It Was The Same As What Was Going On At That Very Time. 
We Then Decided To Fast For Nearly Two Weeks Praying To God Asking For Direction And Somehow I Found Myself Loving This Guy. Within Weeks, Brother X Decided He Wanted To Marry Me. Like Before, I Wasn’t Too Sure Of This Step But After Praying And Seeing His Determination I Agreed.

 I Told My Parents Who Are Divorced And My Uncles As I Wanted To Find Out How We Were Supposed To Do Things. He Also Told His Mum And She Vowed To Help Wherever She Could. Problem Came When He Told His Dad And He Said NO. I Felt So Crushed. Since Then We Haven’t Had Any Normal Relationship. He Now Finds Fault In Almost Everything I Say. I Call Him Twice A Day But He Never Calls Back. 
One Time, We Almost Broke ‘Cos He Used To Write Flirty Comments To Every Chick On Facebook. I Corrected Him Telling Him That I Wasn’t Worried That He Was Cheating On Me But His Comments Were Not Godly Seeing That One Day He Wants To Become A Pastor. Howbeit Will He Preach With Such An Open Record? He Got Frustrated With It. My Question Now Is Should I Continue Riding A Dead Horse Or Move On With My Life. I Have Forgiven Him And I Still Have Some Love For Him But I’m Tired Of Holding On.

I Believe You've Already Answered Your Question. So, Stop Riding A Dead Horse And Move On With Your Life. When God Gives You A Godly Husband, You'll
Never Get Tired Of Holding On Because The Blessings Of God Are Without Sorrows.

You Said "..After Praying And Seeing His Determination.." You Didn't Get That Part Right. After Praying, Who You Should Wait To See Is God's Move Or Answer And Not Man's Determination Because The Heart Of Man Is Desperately Evil, Deceitful And Wicked; And Who Can Know It Except The Holy Spirit That Searches The Heart Of Men?

Then Lastly, A Guy That Never Calls You Back Regardless Of Your Efforts Does Not Really Love, Value And Appreciate You. Love Is Not And Can Never Be Selfish. I Pray That God Will Give You The Wisdom And Courage To Quit That Relationship And Move On With Your Life.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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