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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Husband Abandoned My Son And I; I Want To Re-marry But Can't. What Do I Do?

Good Day Beloved, Please I Need Your Help And Advice. I've Been Married For The Past 7yrs Now With A 6yrs Old Son. My Husband Brought Another Woman Into The House And Stopped Taking Care Of My Son And I. So, For Almost 4yrs Now, I’ve Been Staying With My Mum & Brother. 
My Problem Now Is That Someone Wants To Marry Me But He Went To My Family House And They Told Him That I’m Married Whilst There’s Another Woman Staying With My Husband. I Went To Family Tribunal And They Sent Him A Letter; He Told Me He Is Going To His Home Town And Come But They Have Not Called The Case Truly Up Till Now And It’s Been 2yrs Now. I’m Confused. 

Wow! This Is The First Question I’ve Received Concerning Marriage Issues On This Page And It’s So Touching But Since I’m Not Yet Married And Therefore A Bit Inexperienced On Counseling Married Couples, I’ll Completely Rely On The Holy Spirit And Answer This Question Purely As Led By Him.
First Of All, One Thing You Must Understand As A Child Of God Is That God Hates Divorce (Malachi 2:16a). His Original Plan For Marriage Was For A Man
And Woman To Live Continually Together Till Death Do Them Part. Moses Permitted The Israelites To Divorce Their Wives In The Case Of Marital Infidelity Because Of The Hardness Of Their Hearts But From The Beginning, It Was Not So (Matthew 19:8).

Your Husband Really Did Wrong By Bringing In A Strange Woman Into Your Matrimonial Home And Neglecting You And His Son But Please Don’t Make The Mistake Of Marrying Another Man Because God Still Sees You As A Married Woman And St. Paul Said In 1 Cor.7:10-11, That ‘A Wife Must Not Separate From Her Husband, But If She Does, She Must Remain Unmarried Or Be Reconciled To Her Husband.’

I Will Advise You To Really Pray For Your Husband Because He Might Be Under The Influence Of Charm Used By The Strange Woman, And Even If He’s Not, He Still Does Not Know What He’s Doing But Your Prayers Can Make God To Open His Eyes So That He Will Realize His Wrong And Return To You And His Son. PRAYER WORKS! I Will Also Ask You To Leave The Family Tribunal And Focus On God To Heal And Restore Your Marriage.

MATTHEW 19:6 – “So They Are No Longer Two, But One. Therefore What God Has Joined Together, Let Man Not Separate.”

MARK 10:11 – He Answered, “Anyone Who Divorces His Wife And Marries Another Woman Commits Adultery Against Her. And If She Divorces Her Husband And Marries Another Man, She Commits Adultery.”

Remain Richly Blessed..

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