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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Two Good Friends Are Now Enemies. What Do I Do?

Hi Beloved,  My Problem And Question Is As Follows: I Have Two Male Mutual Friends.  They Were Once Good Friends But Now Are More Like "Enemies" Because Of Some Girl From Outa Town.  Now The Problem Is That I Want To Visit Them But Since They Don’t See Eye-To-Eye, I’m Confused Because I Can't See Them At The Same Time And I Only Have One (1) Day To Pay Them A Visit. What Do I Do?
 I’ll Start By Saying That If You Are A Born-Again Christian, The First Thing That Should Be Bothering You Is The Enmity Or Hostility Between These Two Guys That Are Your Close Friends. As
Born-Again Christians In Christ Jesus, We Have Been Given The Ministry Of Reconciliation And That Means Reconciling Men To God.

So If You’re Having Problem About Visiting Both Of Them In Just One Day Of Visit, Try Re-Scheduling Your Visit And Plan For A Longer Stay That Should Exceed A Day; It Could Be Over The Weekend. This Will Give You The Time And Opportunity To Get Them Together, Talk To Them And Reconcile Them – First To Christ And Then, To Each Other.

I Believe That Two Good Friends Should Not Allow A Guy/Lady To Break Their Relationship. The Bonding Of Friends Against All Odds Show A Strong Sign Of Maturity But Becoming ‘Enemies’ Because Of A Girl Says Otherwise.

Finally, Pray To God And Believe That He Will Use You To Bring Reconciliation To Them And I Know That If You Do Reconcile Those Guys, They Will Love, Value And Respect You The More.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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