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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loving Someone Who Loves Another..

Hi Beloved. My Problem Is That There’s This Guy At Church. We Dated For A While And We Decided To Put Things On Hold Since We Were Not Following The Church’s Doctrine. Then A Friend Of Mine Came And Told Me That She Dated This Guy Too But They Couldn’t Continue Since She Is Now Pregnant For Another Guy. 
The Problem Is That I Love This Guy But The Guy Still Loves My Pregnant Girlfriend Though He Doesn’t Know It. Please What Do I Do?

My Dear, I Believe The Answer Is Already Clear Enough. You Love A Guy Who Loves Another Lady Who Is Pregnant For Another Guy – I Can’t See Any
Head-Way In This At All Because You Never Said Anything About This Guy Loving You Back. #Smh.

Please Don’t Waste Your Affections On Him As He Seems Occupied Loving Someone Else. It May Not Be That Easy For You To Stop Loving Him Immediately BUT You Just Have To Face The Truth About This Situation Quickly So That You Can Move Forward With Your Life.

I Perceive That “Putting Things On Hold” Meant That Both Of You Were Doing Things That Were Not In Line With The Scripture So I See Another Stumbling Block There. Just Trust God To Give You A Better Guy Who’ll Love You In Return And Not Someone Else.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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