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Monday, May 07, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I Do! (10)..


Every Successful Marriage Has God At Work From Its Beginning Till Its End (Death Not Divorce). It Is Not Only During The Relationship And Wedding That He Must Work. He Is The One That Must Be At Work All Through Every Stage, Every Turn And Everyday Of The Holy Wedlock.

It Is God At Work That Fuses/Join Two Seemingly Different, Independent Personalities Into One Flesh. It Is God At Work That Releases
The Love In The Heart Of The Husband And Causes The Grace Of Submission To Spring Forth In The Heart Of The Wife.

For Our Marriage To Bring All That God Intends, We Must Allow God To Work In Each Of Our Hearts; On Our Character And Even On Our Aspirations. Each One Must Release The Other Partner To God’s Hand For His Working.

It Is Not Your Working On Your Wife That Will Make Her The Help Meet You Look For. It Is Not Your Perspiration About Your Husband That Will Make Him More Faithful Or More Loving. It Is God At Work In Him Or In Her, Both To Will And To Work For His Good Pleasure.

Never Make The Mistake Of Thinking You Can Do It By Your Own Strength And Smartness Or Beauty. It Is Only God At Work In Your Life And Home That Will Miraculously Keep Your Marriage Going From Strength To Strength, Love To More Love, And Oneness To Greater Oneness.


Remain Richly Blessed..


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