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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is The Exchange Of "Passwords" So Important In A Relationship?

Is Exchanging The E-Mail Or Facebook Password So Important In A Relationship? If Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Give You Her/His E-Mail Or Password, Does It Mean He/She Is Cheating On You? 

I’m Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship And My Partner Asked For My E-Mail And Password Which I Gave To Him. But He Said They Didn’t Match And I’m Lying To Him. Now We Are Always Fighting ‘Cos He Thinks I’m Cheating On Him Or Hiding Something From Him But I’m Honest And Love This Guy So Much Though He Seems Not To Trust Or Believe Me. 

He Doesn’t Call Or Text Me. If I Don’t Call Or Text Him, We Won’t Talk To Each Other. I’m Afraid ‘Cos I Don’t Want To Lose Him. I Love Him So Much. Please Help Me. What Do I Do To Make Him Understand How I Feel?

The Exchange Of E-Mail And Facebook Passwords Is Not Mandatory For All Relationships But If Both Partners Want It, Then They Can Go For It. There’s
Nothing Wrong In Exchanging E-Mail And Password With Your Partner Because It Shows You Trust Each Other, Has Nothing To Hide And It Also Solidifies The Relationship.

What You Have To Do Here Since You're Involved In A Distant Relationship Is To Try And Meet With Him. If It's More Convenient For You To Go Then Go And If It's More Convenient For Him To Come, Then Let Him Come. I Say This Because, In Distant Relationships, Not Everything Can Be Settled On Phone Like I Said In One Of My Posts On The Page.

When Both Of You Meet, Then Both Of You Can Go Together To A Cyber Cafe So That You Can Put Your E-Mail/Facebook Password In His Presence So That He Can Believe That You're Not Lying To Him, Hiding Anything From Him Or Cheating On Him.

But If It Continues That He Can't Still Trust You And Maybe, Keep Suspecting Or Accusing You Of Cheating On Him, Then My Dear, Hard As It May Be, The Relationship Might Have To Come To An End Because A Relationship Without Trust Cannot Really Last Long.

Anyway, I Sincerely Pray It Will Not Come To That So Dear, Try And Arrange A Meeting With Him So That This Particular Issue Will Be Resolved Amicably.

P.S – The IMPORTANT Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before All These And Which I'm Also Asking You Is This; Have You Prayed About Him? Have You Received A Confirmation From God That He's The One? Is He Born Again? Are You Born Again?

Answering These Questions Honestly Will Help You Know How To Prayerfully Settle Issues With Him. 

Remain Richly Blessed...


  1. In my case I and bf tend to have a single facebook account and we tend to combine our names to that account. So,as of now we don't have any problem about it. I also know his other passwords except for the yahoomail. Anyways I myself don't want to know it because it's his personal account and I don't like to give him mine too.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this very inspiring topic of yours! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks African girl and I love the way you handle your relationship by trying to be open to each other. Keep it up and remain blessed..


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