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Thursday, May 24, 2012

All He Wants Is Sex And I'm Not Ready For That..

Hi, I’m In Love With A Guy From My Church But From The Look Of Things, All He Wants From Me Is Sex And I’m Not Ready For That Before Marriage. Please Help. Should I Leave Him?

The Answer Is Very Straight-Forward. Yes!!! Please Leave Him Because Any Guy That Truly Loves You And Wants To Marry You Will Never Keep Demanding Sex From You.

The Way You Said “ALL” He Wants From You Is Sex Shows That Once He
Gets What He Wants, He’ll Dump You. Another Way To See It Will Be Like Choosing Between Heaven And Hell – Premarital Sex Represents Hell And Keeping Yourself Chaste For God Represents Heaven.

Though It Might Be Hard For You To Leave Him Since You Said You’re In Love With Him, It Remains Your Best Option For Now. It Is Not Every Guy That Comes To Church Is A Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus. Some Are Agents Of Destruction Sent To Steal, Kill And Destroy.

Please Be Careful Dear. All Will Surely Be Well With You As You Keep Trusting God And Keeping Yourself Chaste Till Marriage.. 


  1. Plz my dear any man dat says he wants 2 marry u nd then presents SEX first,does not value you nd wil neva do.He simply want 2 have a taste of u,then count u among d girls he has had fun wit nd then make jest of you,nd make u to live your life in shame which i knw u wouldn't like.So the simple Answer is WALK AWAY.Wen the right Man comes he wil want 2 obey u nd wouldn't hurt u.tanx nd may God give u d grace 2 carry on ok.

    1. Thanks dear for that added advice - it's really appreciated. God bless you..


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