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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Weekend Advice..

For Some Wey Feel Say They Really Dey In Love, This One Fit Sound Like Say E No Dey Possible But Make I Tell You; Any Love Wey Make You Disobey God No Be Love O! Na Pure Lust.

If You Say Na Because Of The Kind Love Wey You Get For The Person Make You Commit Fornication Abi Na Adultery With Am Instead Of To Tell Am No Way! Know Say Na Confusion Hold You O Cos That One Na Pure Lust!

So If Any Man Abi Na Woman Tell You Say If You No Gree For Am, He/She Go Cut Off The Relationshi...p, Abeg Gather The Strength Wey God Give You And Tell The Person Say As He/She Still Dey Talk, You Sef Don Terminate The Relationship Sharperly Because To You, Heaven Dey More Important Pass The Person!

I Pray Make Baba God Give You The Power To Stand Against Any Kind Of Sin/Evil For Your Life In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

I Too Love Una But My Love No Reach The One Wey Baba God Get For Una..
Again I Pray Say Make You Enjoy Your Weekend Wella.. :) :)

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