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Thursday, February 26, 2015

In The Area Of Genotype Medically, We Are Not Compatible; But I Believe In The God Of All Possibilities. What's Your Advice?

Dear Beloved, I Greet You. By God's Grace, I'm Very Convinced About His Leading To Me In The Area Of Marriage. In Subjecting This Conviction To Some Tests, I've Been Able To Go Through Prayer, Purity, Patience, Peace Test, Etc. But In The Area Of Physician Test, We Are Both AS. Although I Have Peace Within Me, But There Are Some Challenges That Will Frighten Your Convictions; And This Is One. I Don't Believe Love Is Blind, But It Covers Multitude Of Sins. I'm 25, And She Is 20. I'm Not Going Into Marriage Until About 3 Years Time. I Know God Is Not The Author Of Confusion. I Have No Problem With Other Tests Concerning My Genuine Conviction, But One Cannot Overlook The Physician Test In The Area Of Genotype. Medically, We Are Not Compatible; But I Believe In The God Of All Possibilities. I've Heard Testimonies Of SS Changing To AA, HIV/AIDS Vanished, Woman With No Womb Giving Birth, Etc. But As A Marriage Counselor (Like-Mind Faith Because I've Been Reading Your Updates For Years), What's Your Advice?

My Brother, I Will Go By Your Strong Conviction That God Is The One Leading You To Marry This Sister Who Shares The Same Genotype Of AS With You. We Serve A Living God Who Created And Can Re-Create The Universe And Everything Found In Man Including His Genes, Tissues, Nerves, Ligaments, Blood Cells, Etc. There’s No Impossibility In His Dictionary.

But I Must Stress The Fact That If Your Faith Is
Shaking In Taking This Step, Please Don’t Because The Pain, Sufferings, Expenses And Most Often, The Death Of An Innocent SS Child Will Break Your Heart If One Comes Into Your Family. This Could Even Lead To Your Blaming God And Then Backsliding Because Of The Thought That He Has Deserted You. God Forbid!

I’ve Also Heard Of The Testimonies Of Those Who Believed God When He Confirmed The Woman To Them, Went Ahead To Marry Same AS Genotype Despite Of Counsels To Let Her Go And Today, Has Children With None Having The Sickle Cell Genotype. There’s Nothing Too Difficult For God To Do BUT You Must Be Sure That He’s In It.

Finally, Check Your Heart Properly And Be Very Sure That You’re Not Being Led By Emotions Because Emotions Cannot Withstand The Test Of Time. The Realist In Me Will Advise You Not To Go Ahead With Marrying Her But The Greater Part Of Me Which Is Faith-Filled Will Advise To Go Ahead And Obey ONLY IF YOU’RE VERY SURE THAT YOU HEARD CORRECTLY FROM GOD ASKING YOU TO GO AHEAD. Blessings!

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