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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I Am Not Happy Anymore On This. I Want To Be Christ Centered Just Like Before. Please Advise Me.

Dear Beloved, I Am Disturbed Because I Had An Affair. I Am Married For 2 Years. I Am Trying To Forget Her Because I Want To Start Building My Life Again. My Wife Doesn’t Have An Idea About This. I Love My Wife So Much But It’s Just That I Was Tempted And Drowned With Lust(Great In Bed, Sex Appeal, Giver Etc.). Now, This Woman Is Away And I Feel I Am Busted Because She Is Away From Me For Weeks. I Don’t Know What To Do. Please Tell Me What To Do And Completely Forget Her And What We Had Before ‘Cos I Don’t Want To Lose My Family. Can I Be Saved Again? I Want To Revive The Joy Again. I Am Not Happy Anymore On This. I Want To Be Christ Centered Just Like Before. Please Advise Me. God Bless You.

My Brother, I Want To Point Something Out To You First Of All Before Proceeding With Advising You On What To Do: You Have Not Yet Come To Detest The Sin Of Adultery You Fell Into And Also The Woman You Committed That Sin With. You Said She’s Away And You Feel You’re Busted But What If She Had Not Gone Away, Will You Have Stopped? And If She Returns, Will You Continue From Where You Stopped?

You Must First Come To Hate With Passion, The Sin You Fell Into Because
That’s The First Sign Of Repentance Before Genuine Change Can Be Effected. The Bible Says We’re Tempted By Or Own Evil Desires So Don’t Go Blaming The Woman Alone Because It Showed You Were Lusting After Her Already So The Devil Didn’t Push Hard For You To Fall Into That Sin.

I Have To Be Really Honest With You; Did You Think About Your Family And Your Love For Your Wife Before Engaging In This Affair? How Would You Have Felt If It’s Your Wife That Was Having An Affair Behind Your Back? You See, When We Put Our Spouse’s Feelings And Needs Before Ours, It Will Act As A Check To Prevent Our Going The Wrong Way.
Nevertheless, God Takes No Pleasure In The Death Of A Sinner But Wants That Person To Repent And I Know That If You Sincerely Desire With All Your Heart To Break Free Of That Woman And Return To God By Confessing Everything To Him And Ask For His Forgiveness, He Will Surely Forgive You And Deliver You From The Bondage Of Lust But You MUST Tell Your Wife What Happened.

Now Don’t Jump Up Immediately And Confess To Your Wife Because The Outcome Might Be Bad So You Must First Settle It With God And Then Confess To You And Your Wife’s Pastor/Priest So That He Can, With God’s Help, Settle Matters That Might Arise Between You And Your Wife. She Will Definitely Get Hurt And Might Withdraw From You At First But You’ll Trust God To Work On Her Heart So She Can Forgive You With All Her Heart.

Please Don’t Play With This Opening Up To Your Wife Because The Devil Loves Secrets. Keeping Secrets Also Can Lead To Blackmail From This Other Woman So It Is Only When Your Wife Joins You To Fight This That You Will Completely Overcome This Serious Challenge. Surely, You Can Be Saved Again And I Pray That As You Follow This Advice, Your Relationship With God Will Be Restored And You Will Be Christ-Centered Just As Before, Amen. Blessings!


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