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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


                                                Sex Has Killed My Best Relationships:

For Example, I Had A University Sweetheart, The Girl Of My Dreams. With Her, There Was Never A Dull Moment. We Totally "Clicked." We Waited For Awhile, Then, Through My Initiation, We Started Having Sex.

Sex Soon Became The Focus Of Our Relationship. I Stopped Wanting To Get To Know Her On Any Other Level. And So, Instead Of
Growing Closer Together, We Actually Started Drifting Apart. That's What I Mean By "Sex Killed My Best Relationships." People Can Relate On Many Different Levels -- Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, And Spiritually.

But When My Girlfriend And I Started Relating Mostly Physically, It Short-Circuited The Other Parts Of Our Relationship. As A Result, The Relationship As A Whole Started To Go South. We Might Still Be Together Today If We (I) Had Waited.

I've Seen This Happen With Countless Relationships, Not Just Others Of My Own, But Those Of Many Other People. And I Think There's A Reason For This, Which I'll Explain Next..

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