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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


That Lady/Babe/Sister Is Someone Else's Future Wife:

Here's What I Mean: Most Of The Girls I've Been With Are Now Married To Other Men. When I Put Myself In The Shoes Of Those Men, I Wish That I Hadn't Done What I've Done. In Fact, I Might Even Like To Punch Myself In The Nose For It. But That Lies In The Past. Now, By The Grace Of God, I Know Better.

And So, It Goes Without Saying That When I Get Married, I'm Not Going To Like The Idea That Someone
Else Has Had His Way With My Wife. What About You? Do You Like The Idea Of Someone Else Being With Your Wife?

If You Have A Girlfriend Now And Feel That Way, Think Of How Much Stronger That Feeling Will Be With Your Wife Someday. You Can Even Take It A Step Further. That Girl Is Someone's Daughter.

What If She Were My Daughter? Or What If She Were My Sister? Would I Want Some Guy Like Me Taking Advantage Of Her? I Now See Girls From A Different Perspective. They're Someone Else's Future Wife, Someone Else's Daughter, Someone Else’s Sister, Etc.

To Be Continued..

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