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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

I Have A Friend Whom I Love So Much But Have Not Disclosed My Love For Her. Should I Tell Her My Mind Or Wait?

Dear Beloved, Please I Need An Advice Concerning My Relationship Or Friendship. Am A Newly Graduated Student, Waiting For My NYSC. But While I Was In School, I Had A Friend Who I Love So Much But I Did Not Disclose My Love For Her But Rather I Was Just A Friend To Her. I Knew Her Through Her Kind Gesture Towards Me And Since That Moment Up Till Date, My Mind Has Always Been With Her, Especially In Year One. Even Without Thinking Of Her, I Will Dream Of Her Helping Me In My Past Life And My Heart Always Tell Me Whenever I See Her That She Is My Wife. But My Problem Is This, I Have Not Told Her About My Intension Because I Don't Know How She Will React, She Is Very Religious Just Like Me. I Don't Have A Job And Money Now To Marry Her, Even If She Accept, Because I Wish To Marry Four Years From Now. Do You Think I Should Tell Her My Mind Or I Wait Till Then. I Have Discussed With My Mother, She Said I Should Discuss It With Her, But Whenever I Made Up My Mind To Tell Her, She Will Always Say That She Is Busy. Please What Are Your Opinions?

My Brother, I’m In Support Of The Advice Given To You By Your Mother. This Issue Will Never Leave You Till You Make Out Time And Discuss The Matter With That Sister. Be Bold Enough To Tell Her To Carve Out A Time For You From Her Busy Schedule ‘Cos You Have A Serious Issue You Would Want Both Of You To Discuss.
Now It Could Be That She Already Has An Idea Of What You’re About To Tell Her Hence The ‘Busy’ Excuse – ‘Cos Ladies Are Most Often, Very
Perceptive – So The Earlier You Discuss With Her, The Better. So Put That Into Consideration While Discussing With Her By Not Beating Around The Bush But Going Straight To The Point After Pleasantries Had Been Exchanged.

It Is Possible That Your Dream And Heart May Or May Not Be True Therefore It Must Be Subjected To The Word Of God For Confirmation Through Prayers. Once God Confirms Her, He Will Even Go Before You To Work On Her Heart Before You Discuss The Issue With Her. But To Hear From God Through His Word(The Bible), You Must Be Born Again.

Finally, I Will Not Forget To Mention, Like You Right Pointed Out, That You’re Not Yet Ready For Marriage And Not All Ladies Will Agree To Wait Four(4) Years For You – Four Years Is Really A Long Time – Except It’s Really From God. So Tell Her Your Mind But Be Prepared To Accept Whatever Answer She Gives You Trusting God To Work It Out In His Own Way.

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