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Monday, December 16, 2013

Is Divorce Godly? My Marriage Is In A Confused Stage. Please Advice Me.

Dear Beloved, Am A Lady Of 32 Years; Married To A Guy Of 34 Years.  Before We Got Married, He Got A Lady Impregnated And They Had A Baby Boy Together. He Met Me On A Christian Platform And Proposed To Me So We Got Married Afterwards. The Issue Is That The Other Lady Is On My Neck Claiming To Be Godly And Condemning Me In Everything Because She Knows My Husband's Weak Point And She’s Really Using That. I Swear To God With My Life That I Didn’t Do Jazz For My Husband But That’s What She’s Claiming To The Point Of Telling My Husband I Wasn’t God's Will For Him But That She Is. Right Now, My Marriage Is In A Confused Stage. Please Advice Me And Is Divorce Godly? Thanks

My Dear Sister, Let Me Start By Making One Thing Very Clear To You; You Have The Absolute Right And Power To Fight For And Defend Your Marriage But It MUST Be Done On YOUR KNEES! You’re The One Married To Your Husband Not Her; So Even If She Had A Child For Him, She Still Has No Right To Want To Put Asunder What The Lord Has Joined.
Now, Before You Can Carry This Burden And Fight To God, I Have To Ask You; Does God Know You? Are You One Of His? It Is
Written In 2Tim.2:19 That The Lord Knows Those Who Are His; So If You’ve Accepted Christ As Your Lord And Saviour, Then You’re Already One Of The Sheep In His Pastures. And He Will Protect Your Marriage ‘Cos He Hates Divorce.

No One Has The Right To Condemn You When God Doesn’t. There’s No Need Swearing ‘Cos God Sees And Knows The Absolute Truth And Since He Alone Is The Righteous Judge, Present This Matter Before Him To Judge. When The Priest In Your Wedding Declared You Both Husband And Wife, You Automatically Became God’s Will For Him.

Divorce Is Not Godly ‘Cos God Himself Said In Mal.2:16a That He Hates Divorce So Anyone Doing That Is Standing Contrary To The Word Of God. Since Divorce Is Not An Option, Gird Yourself Then With The Full Armour Of God And Fight In The Strength Of The Holy Spirit For Your Marriage And God Will Honour His Word In Your Marriage.

Finally, Don’t Harbor Any Bitterness Against That Woman ‘Cos That’s A Tool The Devil Uses To Prevent Our Prayers From Being Answered. Be The Best Wife Ever By Serving Your Husband, Meeting His Needs And Most Importantly Praying For Him So That He Will Also Join You To Fight For Your Marriage. Believe That You’re A Three-Cord Rope With Christ At The Center Which Cannot Be Easily Broken. #WillBePrayingForYou

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