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Monday, December 02, 2013


I Now Want To Be More Honorable Toward Women:

I've Found That Girls Often Don't Fully Understand What's Going On When It Comes To Sex. That Is, Their Perspective On The Whole Thing Is Very Different From A Guy's. Often A Girl Will Justify Sex By Saying, "But I Love Him," Even If She Doesn't Really Want To Go Through With It. Why Does That Happen? It's Been Said That, "Girls Use Sex To Get Love; Guys Use Love To Get Sex."

This Is How It Works: The Girl Is Picturing Marrying The Guy Some Day; The Guy Is Picturing Everything He Wants
To Do With The Girl Before He Goes Back To Tell His Buddies About It. And While Something Inside Her Is Telling Her It's The Right Thing To Do, Something Inside The Guy Is Telling Him Just The Opposite, Yet He Proceeds.

Why? For The Physical Pleasure No Doubt, But Also, I Think, For Another Reason: It Makes Him Feel Like A Man. But There Is A Great Irony In That, For What Is Manly About Deceiving A Woman?

Something I've Discovered Is That, When You Honor A Woman, You Are Honoring Yourself. Why? Because Someday You Will Have Regret, And The Regret Will Last Much Longer Than The Pleasure.

In One Movie Called ‘Rob Roy’, The Main Character Says, "Honor Is A Gift A Man Gives Himself." When You Honor A Woman By Doing What You Know To Be Right In Your Heart (That Is, What's In Her Best Interest), You Honor Yourself And Insure That You Will Have No Long-Lasting Regrets To Live With.


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