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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Loving Someone Who Cares Not And Forsaking The One That Cares. Why?

Dear Beloved, Why Do I Love Someone Who Does Not Love Me And Seem Not To Like The One Who's ‘Dying’ For Me?
This Is A Question That Has Plagued So Many Young Hearts But The Answer Is A Simple One If Only You Will Follow The Right Path. The Major Reason We Fall For Those That Don’t Love Us And Ignore Those That Really Do Love Us Is That The World System/Culture Have No Regard For Things That Come Easy Or Appear Simple. This Is Why A Lady Will Play Hard To Get Because She Thinks The Man Won’t Appreciate Her If She Tries To Be Her Normal True Self.

The Way Of The Cross Has Been Made So Easy By God – Just Accept And Believe With All Your Heart In His Son Jesus And You Will Be Saved – But We Insist On Making It Hard By Preferring To Believe
In Mere Mortals(People Who Claim To Be Prophets, Prophetess And Men Of God) Who Will Drain Our Pockets, Give Us 1001 Rules, And Are After Their Bellies Rather Than Being Concerned About Where We Will Spend Eternity.
When Someone Professes To Love And Care For Us, We Detest And Use Them Like Rags Because Of Their Simplicity But Fall In Love With Those That Treat Us Like Rags Because They Appear So Untouchable. That’s The Same Reason We Ignore Jesus Who Says “Come To Me, All Ye That Are Heavy Laden And I Will Give You Rest” But Go After Satan Who Will Have Us Work Hard Without Rest The Whole Day And Do Unimaginable Things Just To Join The Clique Of “The Big Boyz And Girlz Of The Society”

I Pray You’re Really Understanding The Point I’m Trying To Pass Across. When You Become Genuinely Born Again, You’ll Break Free Of The Culture Of This World Because The Holy Spirit Will Take Complete Control Of Your Life. As Such, You Will Not Love Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Neither Will You Seem To Dislike Someone Who’s ‘Dying’ For You.

When God Is In Charge Of Your Relationship, He Will Bring The Right Man Into Your Life At His Own Time And Also Prepare Your Heart(Our Hearts Are In His Hands) To Care, Love And Cherish The Man In Return Because True Love Is Mutual And Can Never Be One-Sided.

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