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Monday, January 21, 2013

R‘E’AL LOVE (2)… {Being Equals}

 You Cannot Claim To Know What Real Love Is If You’re Expecting A Master-Servant Role In Your Relationship. As The Man, Do You Expect Your Lady To Wait Hand And Foot On You? Do Whatever You Ask Her To Without Complaining? As The Lady, Do You Expect Your Man To Be Your Prince Charming Without You Being His Virtuous Princess? Do You Expect Him To Do All The Calling While Still Recharging Your Phone?
Equality Is A Necessity In Real Love Because For Any Godly Relationship To Thrive, The Roles Of Both Parties Must
Be Evenly Balanced – It Must Not Be Too Heavy For The Guy/Lady And Too Light For The Other. Your Calls/Messages To Each Other Must Be Evenly Distributed Except By Mutual Consent If The Guy/Lady Is Not Working.

You Must Always Remember That You Are Co-Heirs With Christ Who’s The First Born Son Of God. After Him, Then All Believers – Not You First Or Your Partner. If You’re Still Fighting For Who’ll Be In Charge Of Your Relationship(Power Tussle), Then That Relationship Is Not Godly ‘Cos Both Partners Knows Their Roles In A Godly Relationship.

So Have You Had A Personal Encounter With The Author Of Love (God)? You Cannot Give What You Don’t Have! If You’re Not Yet Born Again But An Ordinary Church-Goer, Suspend Whatever Relationship You May Be In And Surrender Your Life To God First.

2 Cor.8:13 – “Our Desire Is Not That Others Might Be Relieved While You Are Hard Pressed, But That There Might Be Equality.”
John 3:3 – “In Reply Jesus Declared, ‘I Tell You The Truth, No One Can See The Kingdom Of God Unless He Is Born Again.”

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