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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are We Committing Sin By Kissing On A Good-Night Basis?

Dear Beloved, I’m 22yrs And Think I Have Found The One. Her Mum Knows Me And Greets Me Like An In-Law. We Have Agreed To Preserve Ourselves Till Marriage Because We’re Both Committed To Our Churches. I Want To Know If We’re Committing Sin By Kissing On A Good-Night Basis, Thank You.

I’ll Take It That You’re Now In A Courtship Relationship Since You Both Agree To Preserve Yourselves Till Marriage. My Question Would Be This: If The Girl’s Mother Knows And Has Approved Of You, Has God Known And Approved Of It Too? Any Relationship Known And Approved By God Will Be Directed By God.

On The Issue Of Kissing Each Other On A Good Night Basis, This Question Asked In Proverbs 6:27 Came Strongly To Mind; “Can A Man
Take Fire In His Bosom, And His Clothes Not Be Burnt? Kissing And Any Form Of Physical Intimacy Between Two Unmarried People Is Really Not Biblical Because It Falls Under The Umbrella Of Sexual Immorality And Is A Sin Before God.

During Courtship, Anything That Cannot Be Done Openly But Secretly Is Not Advisable Because A Kiss Can Progress To A Caress And Before You Realize Yourself, Sex Has Taken Place. Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure; So Care Must Be Taken Especially During Courtship. If You Must Kiss Each Other Good Night, Let It Be Done In The Presence Of A Third Party. #TalkingAboutAHolyKiss#

Don’t Also Be Deceived When People Tell You That ‘There’s Nothing There As You’ll Soon Get Married To The Lady’. There Is Something There! Anything That Will Not Glorify God Should Not Be Done. DO ALL THINGS TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

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