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Monday, January 28, 2013

RE‘A’L LOVE (3)… {Being An Adult}..

In Most Of Our Relationships, We Find Adults Behaving Like Children Instead Of The Adults They Really Are. Are You Still Quarreling Or Keeping Malice With Your Partner And Prolonging It Afterwards By Waiting For Who Will Be The First To Call, Apologize Or Say ‘I’m Sorry’? That’s Totally Childish And Should Not Be Found In The Life Of True Believers.

Selfishness Breeds Malice And Quarrels But Real Love Is Not Selfish/Self-Seeking But Considers The Other Before Itself. If You’re A
Genuine Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus, Then Selfishness Ought To Be Far From You Because The Life Of Christ Who Lives In You Will Lead You To Seek Peace With Your Partner All The Time.

If You Really Understand Your Partner, You Will Hardly Quarrel With Him/Her. Real Love Patiently Listens And Seeks To Understand The Other But If You Want Your Relationship To Center On Your Needs, Wants And Desires, Then You’re Still Very Far From Experiencing Real Love In Your Relationship.

So Have You Had A Personal Encounter With The Author Of Love (God)? You Cannot Give What You Don’t Have! If You’re Not Yet Born Again But An Ordinary Church-Goer, Suspend Whatever Relationship You May Be In And Surrender Your Life To God First.

1cor.14:20 – “Brethren, Be Not Children In Understanding: Howbeit In Malice Be You Children, But In Understanding Be Men.”
John 3:3 – “In Reply Jesus Declared, ‘I Tell You The Truth, No One Can See The Kingdom Of God Unless He Is Born Again.”

To Be Continued…

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