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Monday, October 01, 2012

How To Control Your Sexual Feelings.. By Samson Ajilore..

Don’t Drink From A Stinking Well..

So You See, Sexual Feelings Require Sexual Discipline Because If We Cannot Tame Our Sexuality It Can Wreck Our Lives And Societies. Uncontrolled Sexuality Is The Way To Total Self Destruction. Some Have Thought That Pornography Is One Of The Ways To Curtail Sexual Feelings But It Is Not. Pornography Devalues Women, Downgrading Them To Mere Sex Slaves. It Reduces Sex To Lust So Quickly. It Plants The Seed Of Lust Into People’s Mind Which When Grown Becomes So Controlling.

The World Thinks That It’s Okay Because History Is Yet To Record
Unwanted Pregnancies Or Any Sexually Transmitted Diseases Through Pornography But It Is Spirit, Soul And Body Pollution. It Is Mental Perversion And Emotional Torment. Pornography Is Satisfying A Legal Desire By An Illegal Means And Satisfying A Clean Appetite By An Unclean Means. For Example, It’s Legal To Be Hungry And Thirsty But It’s Illegal To Steal Food To Eat And Water To Drink. It’s A Pure Appetite To Be Hungry And Thirsty But It’s Unclean To Eat From The Refuse Bin And Drink From The Gutter, Your System Will Get Polluted By Such Practices.

Pornography Is A Refuse Bin! It Is Drinking From A Rotten Well! That Is Why It Brings Physical And Spiritual Sickness. Some Others Have Withdrawn To Masturbation And Other To Self Stimulating Methods In Attempts To Handle Their Sexual Appetite But This Also Is Not Even Healthy Both For The Physical, Mental And Spiritual Health; It Affects Human Sexuality Very Negatively. Our Body Is Called The Temple Of The Holy Spirit And We Must Learn How To Put It Under Control.

The Apostle Paul Referred To His Body As An ‘It’ And Said He Was Putting It Under The Control Of His Spirit Man Or Real Person On Constant Basis So It Doesn’t Disqualify Him From Hitting His Spiritual Target (1Cor.9:27). All These Desires That Come To Us Are Not Particular To Us, They Come To Others Everywhere. There Is No Temptation That Tempts You Except That Which Is Common; Common Means It’s All Over, The Amplified Bible Puts It This Way, “No Test Or Temptation That Comes Your Way Is Beyond The Course Of What Others Have Had To Face. All You Need To Remember Is That God Will Never Let You Down; He'll Never Let You Be Pushed Past Your Limit; He'll Always Be There To Help You Come Through It” (1Cor.10:13).

If We Allow Ourselves To Be Controlled By Casual Feelings Then Our Lives Will Be So Weak And We Would Remain Immature Driven About By Every Wind Of Mere Passions. We’re Supposed To Be Able To Control Our Appetites And We Have The Holy Spirit And The Word Of God To Help Us Do So. Our Self Control Appreciates When We Constantly Feed On God’s Word And Get Godly Associations But It Gets Weakened When We Allow Darkness To Grow In Our Minds Through Feeding On Unhealthy Stuffs And Keeping Distance From God’s Word, Godly Friends And Spiritual Gatherings. “But Don't Fool Yourselves. Don't Let Yourselves Be Poisoned By This Anti-Resurrection Loose Talk. "Bad Company Ruins Good Manners” (1Cor.15:33 MSG).

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