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Thursday, October 04, 2012

We’re From Different Backgrounds And Ministries. What Must I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship And Planning To Wed Soon, But We Are From Different Backgrounds And Ministries. 1) Ministries, We Are Okay With Each Other And We’ve Talked About It. My Concern Is Our Families And Our Wedding ‘Coz He Is An S.D.A And I Do Sundays, What Should We Do? I Really Do Love Him. 2) We Grew Up In Different Backgrounds; He Grew Up In An Abusive Environment (Step Mom) And He Is Very Bitter That Even If We Have A Misunderstanding, He Becomes So Insecure That He Gets Furious Big Time. He Was Open Enough To Tell Me That He Doesn’t Like It But It Just Happens And He Is Willing To Change. I Really Want To Help Him By Doing The Daily Bible Reading But It Seems As If It’s Going To Be Hard. What Must I Do?

First Of All, I’ll Start By Telling You That Marriage Is So Much More Than What We Think It Is. If These Issues Are Treated Or Taken Lightly, It’ll Definitely Get Bigger In Marriage. Different Backgrounds Are Not So Much An Issue As Different Ministries And Bear In Mind That Once Married, It Is The Lady That Has To Switch Over To The Husband’s Church. Are You Ready To Be An S.D.A?

Secondly, We Cannot Change A Man/Woman Because
That’s Solely The Work Of The Holy Spirit Who Knows And Sees The Heart Of Man. Many People Especially Men Promise A Lot Before Marriage But Once Married, They Totally Ignore Their Promises So You Have To Extra Prayerful.

Have You Really Sought God’s Consent About Your Fiancé? How Do You Tackle The Families And The Wedding Issues? Only God Can Help You Overcome These Issues If Not, They’ll Overwhelm You And Possibly Cause Further Problems When You Get Married To Him.

On The Issue Of Insecurity And Getting So Furious Or Learning To Daily Read The Bible, I Know That There’s Nothing God Cannot Do But First Of All, He Needs To Become A Born Again Believer In Christ Jesus So He Can Partake In God’s Divine Miracles. Are You Born Again? If Yes, Then Go To God In Prayers And He’ll Direct Your Path. If No, Then First Thing First – Become Born Again!

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