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Monday, October 15, 2012

Loving Your Partner God’s Way..

What If You Experienced Love Like This??

Love Is More Than Emotions, And It Is Much More Than A Good Feeling. But Our Society Has Taken What God Has Said About Love, Sex And Intimacy And Changed It Into Simply Emotions And Feelings. God Describes Love In Great Detail In The Bible, Especially In The Book Of First Corinthians, Chapter 13.

He Did It So That You Can Catch The Full Weight Of His Definition Of Love, Let Me Present Verses Four Through Seven (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) To You This Way. How Much Would It Meet Your Needs If A Person Loved You As God Says We Should Be Loved:

If This Person Responded To You With Patience,
Kindness, And Was Not Envious Of You?
If This Person Was Not Boastful Or Prideful?
How About If This Person Wasn't Rude Toward You Or Self-Seeking Or Easily Angered?
What If This Person Didn't Keep A Record Of Your Wrongs?
How About If They Refused To Be Deceitful, But Always Were Truthful With You?
What If This Person Protected You, Trusted You, Always Hoped For Your Good, And Persevered Through Conflicts With You?

This Is How God Defines The Love He Wants Us To Experience In Relationships. You'll Notice That This Kind Of Love Is "Other-Person" Focused. It Is Giving, Rather Than Self-Seeking. And There's The Problem. Who Can Live Up To This? Only Those Who Are New Creations (Born-Again Believers) In Christ Jesus!

If You Want To Experience This Kind Of Godly Love, Then You Must Also Possess Them First And The Only Way To Have This Kind Of Love Within You Is To Have A Perfect Relationship With The Author And Giver Of This Love. This Relationship Is Achieved By Surrendering Your Life To Christ. If You’re Yet To Become Born-Again, Please Do So Quickly And You’ll Be On Your Way To Experiencing This Kind Of Love.

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