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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How Do I Help My Lady-Friends As One Is In Love With A Brother In Our Fellowship While He’s After The Other One?

Dear Beloved, Our Fellowship Group Leader Likes One Of The Brothers From Church, In Fact I Think She's In Love With Him. They Have Been Spending Time & It Looked Like They Were Starting A Relationship. However The Brother Has Began To Show Interest In A Close Friend Of Mine Who Is Part Of The Group As Well And I Am Not Too Sure As To How This Friend Of Mine Feels, As Most Of The Time She Says She's Not Interested, & Other Times She Jokes & Says She Might Be Interested, But She Entertains His Advances, They Even Have Dinner/Lunch Dates. I Don’t Know What To Do As I See A Disaster About To Happen. How Do I Help As A Friend To Both Ladies? We Are All Born Again.

The Best Way To Help Them As A Friend Of Theirs Is To Be Honest With Them. You Said The Group Leader Likes And Is In Love With The Brother – This Sounds As If She’s The One Pursuing After The Brother. Then The Brother Is Now Going After The Other Friend – All In The Same Fellowship. #NotGoodAtAll#

If You’re All Truly
Born Again Believers In Christ Jesus, Then Such Disasters Waiting To Happen Should Not Arise At All Because The Group Leader Should Have Prayerfully Waited Till The Right Man Comes Along And Pursues Her – Not Her Pursuing That Brother. The Brother Should Have Also Refused Her Advances Rather Than Going Out With Her And Now Showing Interest In Another Sister.

Your Close Friend That Is Also Playing Along With The Brother’s Advances Gives One A Cause For Concern. I Say This Because All Their Behaviours While In The Same Fellowship Shows That They Are Still Walking After Their Flesh And This Makes Me Wonder The Kind Of Born Again Believers They Are.

The Best Thing To Do In This Kind Of Situation Is To Pray About It And Allow The Holy Spirit Lead You In Talking To The Three Of Them One At A Time. After This, I Believe You’ll Know The Second Step To Take From Their Responses. If There’s Still No Change, Then I’ll Advise You Report It To The Pastor Of The Church.

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