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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Found Out My Boyfriend Is A Year Younger Than Me. How Do I Handle It – Tell Him Or Not?

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship With My Boyfriend And Everything Is Fine Even Though It’s A Long Distance Relationship; We Love Each Other But The Problem Is That I Found Out That He’s One (1) Year Younger Than I Am But He Doesn’t Know Yet. Should I Tell Him Or Not ‘Cos I’m Afraid He Will Leave Me Because Of My Age. Please Help Me.

I’m Presently Working On The Acronym Of The Word TRUST And The First Letter “T” Stands For ‘Truthful’. We Must Be Very Truthful To Our Partners At All Times Because Our Father In Heaven Detests Lying Lips. Hiding The Truth From Him Is The Same Thing As Living A Lie.

The Scripture Tells Us The Truth Will Set Us Free. When You Tell Him The Truth, You’ll No
Longer Live With The Fear Of Someone Telling Him Or His Finding Out The Truth One Day. I Say This Because No Matter How You Conceal The Truth, It Must Come Out One Day With Ugly Consequences.

It Is Better To Tell Him About Your Age Now And Know How He’ll React Than Hiding It Because Of Fear That He’ll Leave You. If He’ll Leave, Then It’s Better Now Than Later And You’ll Know That It Was Never Meant To Be From The Beginning.

The Difference In Age Doesn’t Bother Some People While It Bothers Some. So I’ll Advice You Tell Him And See How He Responds To That Fact. If He Truly Loves You, Then The Age Difference Should Not Be An Issue For Both Of You. All The Best.

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