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Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (7).. By Samson Ajilore..

The World Is Upside-Down For Us To Turn It Right-Side Up:

Funny How The World Has Turned Upside-Down, Now They Tell Us That Exposure And Civilization Is Premarital Sex And Perverted Living, They Despise Our Virginity And Speak Evil Of Our Purity, They Mock The Way Of The Lord Which We Preach. They Think Opposite From God And Strive Daily To Make Us Think Like They Do.

Now Are We Any Surprised? We Shouldn’t Be. However, The Problem With Us Believers Is That We Often
Forget That We Don’t Belong Here; We Are Here Because The World Is Perverted, We Are Here To Instill Righteousness, Our Citizenship Is In Heaven And That Is Why Our Ways Are Strange To The People Of This World.

It Is Because We Have A Different Constitution, We Have A Different Culture, A Different Code Of Conduct, And The World Is Confused Because They Read The Devil But We Read Christ And He Is Not The Author Of Confusion. We Are Not To Join Them But To Set Them On The Right Path. We Are To Live Above Them, Not To Imitate But To Educate, Not To Conform But To Transform And Not To Join But To Change.

Do Not Conform!
We’ve Been Taught Less; We’ve Been Trained As Though Our Only Hope Is Awaiting The Rapture Flight To Escape To Heaven. Instead Of Living Like People Who Actually Came From Heaven We Live Only Like Those Going There. We’re God’s Ambassadors On Earth Who Are Bound To Live Within The Interest Of Our Heavenly Country.

God Warned Us Against Constantly Conforming Or Becoming Like The Things That We See In This World (Which Are The Image Of The Antichrist) And He Commanded Us To Be Transformed Or Transfigured By The Renewal Of Our Mind (Rom.12:2). The Bible Told Us That We Have The Mind Of Christ But This Mind Must Be Constantly Filled With The Word Of Christ Richly In All Wisdom Because If We Fail To Do So, The World Will Educate Our Mind In The Ways Of The Antichrist Even Without Our Permission (1Cor.2:16; Col.3:16).

They Play Satanic Music On Our Streets, They Play It In Their Vehicles When We Are In, They Play Them On TV, And They Spread Evil Pictures On Billboards, News Papers, Posters And Magazines. The New Sexual Trend Is A Perverted Revolution, The Adverts Are Terrible, And We Must Stay Awake And Stick To The Word. If Any Believer Will Survive The Challenges Of The Modern World We Must Increase Our Devotion To God’s Word. No Short Cuts!

Be Transfigured By The Word..
We Cannot Keep Our Thinking Straight Without The Word Of God. The Constant Transfiguration That Saves Us From Been Conformed To This World Isn’t Possible By Just Reading The Word And Filling Our Mind With It, We Must Walk In The Word; We Must Live Out The Word. To Educate Our Mind In The Word We Must Do The Word And Not Just Read It, “Don't Fool Yourself Into Thinking That You Are A Listener When You Are Anything But, Letting The Word Go In One Ear And Out The Other. Act On What You Hear!” (James 1:22, MSG).

The Bible Commands Us To Be Transformed By The Renewal Of Our Mind, “And Do Not Follow The Customs Of The Present Age, But Be Transformed By The Entire Renewal Of Your Minds, So That You May Learn By Experience What God's Will Is--That Will Which Is Good And Beautiful And Perfect.” (Rom.12:2 WNT). The Word In Roman 12:1 Calls This Process Of Subjecting Our Thoughts And Body To The Word As Our Reasonable Service; This Means That God Requests From Us That We Use Our Reasoning To Serve Him And Not The Devil.

The Greek Word Chosen In This Passage Is ‘Logikos’ And It Doesn’t Mean A Spiritual Service But Mental One, ‘Logikos’ Is From Where The English Word ‘Logic’ Originates, It Means Reasoning. The Emphasis Is On Our Reasonable Service To God; Thinking The Word Thus Practicing It Is Important. This Renewing Of Our Mind Through The Word Is How We Can Take Every Thought Into The Captivity By The Word. It Is The Safest And Most Effective Way To Control Our Sexual Behaviors! The Word Becomes A Prison That Captures Unclean Thoughts And The Alter That Slaughters Them.

It Is The Fire That Consumes Them And The Water That Purifies The Mind. In The Word, Unclean Thoughts Are Murdered And Taken Out Of The Way Completely. This Is How To Serve God With Our Thoughts. Unclean Thoughts Cannot Survive In The Word And Since They Are Constantly Generated We Must Constantly Bring Them Into The Captivity By The Word! It Is Impossible To Serve God With A Pure Body If Our Minds Are Not Purified.

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