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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I’m In Love With One Of My Mentors But She’s So Hesitant Because Of Her Age. What Do I Do?

Hi Beloved, I’m A New Convert And I’m Very Happy About The Path The Lord Is Taking Me Through. I Am In Love With One Of My Spiritual Mentors In The Church. We Have Been So Close And I Have Even Told Her I Love Her And She Directed Me To Speak With The Pastor Which I Did, And Constantly I Have Been Having Counsels From The Pastor. She Has Been Out Of A Relationship For 2years Now And The Relationship Lasted For 7yrs Which Is Making Her Find It Difficult To Open Herself Up To Me. My Issues Are As Follows; She Complains Of Her Age ‘Cos She Is 5months Older Than Me. I Believe She Loves Me ‘Cos It Shows But She Kept Fighting It Whenever She Gets Such Emotion For Me.... I Have Prayed And Still Praying. Please Beloved What Do I Do As I Really Love Her.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Falling In Love With One Of Your Mentors But The Question I’ll Ask You Is This; When Those Feelings Began To Arise, Did You Pray About It To Know If She’s God’s Choice Of A Wife For You? I Didn’t See You Talking About Marriage And I’m Really Not Comfortable With Just Telling Her You Love Her.

I Perfectly Understand Her Hesitancy In Opening Herself Up To You Because She
Wasted Seven (7) Years Of Her Life And Precious Time Over A Wrong Relationship And She Would Want To Be Very Sure Before Accepting To Go Into Another Relationship. I Know You’ll Want That For Her Too.

When God Approves A Relationship, Age Is Of No Issue Because Both Parties Would Be Majorly Interested In Following God’s Purposes For Their Lives. The Difference In Age Is Even So Small To Be A Barrier But Each Individual Has A Different Opinion On The Issue Of Age Anyway.

Finally, There’s Nothing Prayer Cannot Solve; So Dear, Continue Praying And I Sincerely Believe God Will Make His Purpose For Both Of You Clear In Due Time And This Issue Will Be Resolved. By The Way, I Welcome You With All Joy Into God’s Family Here On Earth. Remain Richly Blessed.


  1. Dearly beloved, I recently also had the same issue. I'm in love with my Pastor. From the first day I felt his hand I felt something, I felt I had just met my future husband. I asked God to give me a sign, to tell me whether he is the one for me and weeks later I had a dream of my Pastor telling me "I know" it was his voice and his behavior/ character but the image/face of the person was another man that I also know. Should I ask God for a more clearer answer? Because as much as I get to know him I am falling more and more and I don't want to if he is not the one. I don't know how to just put brakes on my heart. Please help?

    1. My Dear Sister, I Will Answer Yes To Your Question. Ask God For A Clearer Answer Because Dreams Alone Should Not Be The Foundation Of Our Convictions. Even The Devil Engineers Dreams And Visions So I Will Advise You To Seek A Clearer Answer From God Founded On His Infallible Word And If You Seek It With An Unbiased Heart, God Will Reveal The Real Thing To You.

      As A Woman, Another Way Of Making Sure That Your Convictions Are Really From God Is By Allowing God To Prove Himself. If He’s The One Bringing The Feelings For The Pastor, Don’t Rush It But Rather Ask Him To Move The Pastor To Come And Propose To You Because The Bible Says “He That Finds A Wife Finds A Good Thing.”

      When He Finally Comes To Tell You In A Form Of Proposal Those Things You Have Been Praying And Trusting God For Concerning Him, Your Convictions Become Stronger Than When You Plod On Feelings Alone ‘Cos Feelings Should Also Never Be The Foundation Of Our Convictions. Here Is A Saying About Feelings From UCB- The Word For Today;

      Feelings Are Like Spoiled Children; They Can Take A Little Longer To Come Round, But If You Keep Your Mind 'Fixed' On God, Your Feelings Will Eventually Line Up With Your Thoughts. Looking Back, You'll Be Glad You Were Guided By God Instead Of Your Impulses. It's As If There's A Little Network Called HSN (Holy Spirit Network) Where You Can Tune In At Any Time. When You Ask God To Guide Your Thoughts, Then Pause And Listen To What He Says-He Will Guide You.


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