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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Man Rumoured To Be HIV Positive Is After Me. What Shall I Do?

Dear Beloved, I Am 19 Years And Believe This Is Not The Right Time For Me To Be In A Relationship. But There Is This Man Who Is After Me; The Worst Part Of It Is That Rumour All Over The Town I Live Has It That He's HIV Positive. I Am Trying To Avoid Him But I Feel This Is Not The Right Thing And I Fear To Confront Him. What Shall I Do? Please Help..

I Agree With You That Avoiding Him Is Not The Right Thing To Do But You Should Not Be Afraid Of Facing Him And Telling Him That You’re Not Interested In His Pursuit Of You. In A Firm But Polite Way, Disregarding
The Rumour About His Being HIV Positive, Tell Him That The Time Is Not Right For You To Be In A Relationship And You’re Not Also Interested In His Advances.

Any Guy/Man In The ‘WORLD’ Has The Right To Offer Any Lady His Love And That Lady/Woman In The World Also Has The Right To Refuse The Offer BUT A Guy/Man In The ‘WORD’ Does Not Just Meet Any Lady/Woman To Offer Her His Love Except She’s The “One” God Has Led Him To; And That Lady/Woman In The Word Cannot Just Refuse The Offer Till She Has Prayed About It.

There’s A Difference Between Being In The “WORLD” Where Darkness Reigns And Being In The “WORD” Where Light Reigns. Being Genuinely Born-Again Means You’re In The “WORD” But Being Just An Ordinary Christian Means You’re Still Operating With The World System. Choose Your Stand And You’ll Know How To Address That Man.

PS – Do Not Concern Yourself About The Rumuors All Over The Town About His Being HIV Positive Because It May Or May Not Be True..

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