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Monday, October 08, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (6).. By Samson Ajilore..

Put Your Appetites Under Control:

The Feelings Of Sex Isn’t The Only Thing That Should Be Controlled; I’ve Heard Of Several People Who Failed In School And In Other Disciplines Because They Couldn’t Control Their Appetite For Sleep; Some Even Sleep On Duty Till They Get Fired From Their Jobs. Others Became Thieves And Prostitutes Because They Couldn’t Contain Their Appetite For Food And Sex. We Now Have Campus Prostitutes, Thugs And So On.

Those Whose Parents Sent To
School To Learn But They Allowed The Environment To Influence Them Wrongly Till Their Appetites Becomes Totally Wild, They Want To Belong, They Want To Control Others, They Want To Live Big, They Want To Be Famous On Campus And They Allow This Untamed Desires To Lure Them Into Cultism, Prostitution, Night Clubbing, Drunkenness And So On.

We Live In A Perverted Society With An Anti-Christ System, They Teach Us The Opposite Of God’s Word In Our Institutions, And Some Say We Evolved From Monkeys, They Say There Is No God And So We Have No Divine Laws. Many Of Us Almost Lost Our Faith Because We Went To School. We See Things That Tempt Us, And The Enemy Comes To Talk To Our Mind To Make Us Feel Christianity Is Bondage Because It Teaches Self Control And Promotes Moral Values And Good Ethics.

We Can’t Live Like Just Anybody Because We Carry The Christ Of The Bible! Jesus Is Not A Philosopher Searching For The Truth; He Is The Truth Yesterday, Today And Forevermore. That Is Why We His Followers Should Never Get Intimidated Or Influenced By This Confused And Deluded World.

The World Is Confused And That Shows In All Their Theories, They Keep Changing As They Find Out More Discoveries That Keep Getting Them Confused The More. Christ Is The Truth, He Is Not Going Anywhere And He Is Never Going To Be Updated. The Bible Is The Only Book In The World That Will Never Need Updating Because It Is The Whole Truth.

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