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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

He Doesn’t Call Anymore – Says He Needs To Be By Himself. What Should I Do??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship, And Got A Confirmation While In It But There’s A 'But' Attached To It. The ‘But’ Is That I Need To Pray Against An Intruder In My Relationship. Things Had Been Going On Fine Until Recently; He Sent A Text That He Is Confused And He Needed To Be By Himself For The Main Time. Could It Be That The Intruder Has Actually Come In? Cos He Doesn’t Call Any More, At Times He Doesn’t Even Pick My Calls So I Decided To Be On My Own And Won't Call Him Anymore. Please Advise Me On This.

Hi Dear, In As Much As I Feel Your Pain, I Would Start By Correcting You First Of All, Based On What You Said About Receiving A Confirmation While In The Relationship. YOU DON’T GET A CONFIRMATION “WHILE” IN A RELATIONSHIP BUT “BEFORE” YOU ENTER THAT RELATIONSHIP.

I Say This Because When You’re Already In A Relationship, The Confirmation That Might Come To You May Be
Your Emotions Talking; And Not God Through His Word. It Is Hundred Percent (100%) Better And Safer To Receive A Confirmation From God Before Entering Any Relationship Or Accepting A Proposal – It Will Definitely Protect You From Heartbreaks.

Our God Is Not An Author Of Confusion So I Wouldn’t Know Why Your Guy Should Request For A Time-Off By Saying He’s Confused. What Does He Expect You To Do As He’s Busy Being By Himself For The Main Time? How Does He Expect You To Feel By Refusing To Pick Your Calls? TRUE LOVE THINKS OF THE OTHER FIRST BEFORE ITSELF!!

As You Have Prayed Against The Intruder But Still Suspects She Has Entered Into His Life, Continue Praying For Him But Don’t Try Calling Him Again. If God Has Him In His Plans For Your Life, He Will Return To You But If He Doesn’t, Move On With Your Life And Trust God To Bring A Better Man For You Who’ll Never Be Confused About Anything.

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