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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Marrying Into Another Faith..

Dear Beloved, Is It Right To Be Engaged To A Catholic Man While You’re A Protestant And You Have A Different Faith?

Whether It Is Right Or Wrong Depends On You Because Be Rest Assured That Once You Get Married To That Man, You’re Automatically Switching Churches Which Means You’ll Become A Catholic. If You’re Not Comfortable With Becoming A Catholic, Then Why Getting Engaged In The First Place?

Never Be In A Hurry To Get Married Because Nothing
Good Comes Out Of Being Impatient And It Will Only Bring Regrets And Thoughts Of ‘If I Had Known’ In Your Life. It Is Better To Marry Someone You Share The Same Faith, Beliefs And Values With So That Both Of You Will Not Have Conflicts Based On Your Faiths And Beliefs.

If You’re Not Comfortable At All With Moving From Protestant That You Are To Catholic That Your Fiancé Is, Then I’ll Advice You To Table The Issue Now Before Him And Address It Before You Say “I Do! Please Don’t Allow Your Desire To Get Married Today Lead You Into What Will Turn To Regrets Tomorrow.

I’ll Not Say If It’s Right Or Wrong Because The Choice Belongs To The Lady Who Ought To Know That She’ll Join Her Husband’s Church And Faith Once Married. A Broken Relationship/Engagement Is Always Better Than A Broken Marriage Because “Once Married, Always Married” Except Death Parts Both Couples. Shalom

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