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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Best Can I Confirm The Right Marriage Partner?

Dear Beloved, How Best Can I Confirm The Right Marriage Partner? Do I Have To Hear A Voice Or Dream About It? Is It Spiritual Or Physical? Does It Have To Be A Prophecy? Do I Have To See A Vision? Can A Pastor Or Spiritual Leader Choose For You? As A Woman Do You Have To Propose Or Just Wait For Some Guy To Come To You? Is There An Age Limit To Marriage?

Wow! My Dear, You’re Really Loaded With Questions So I’ll Take Them One By One. First Of All, You Can Best Confirm The Right Marriage Partner By Relying On God’s Divine Wisdom And Trusting His Choice Of The Correct Man/Woman For You. If You Don’t Trust Him Completely Or Try To Smartly Act With Your Limited Wisdom, Then There Are Bound To Be Problems Along The Way

Secondly, Hearing From God Can
Come In Many Ways Because God Is Not Limited And Can Use Anybody And Any Method To Speak To You – He Can Speak Through His Word (Bible), He Can Speak Through Dreams And Confirm It In His Word, He Can Speak Directly To Your Heart And Spirit(Voice), Etc. It Can Also Be Spiritual (A Divine Knowing And Assurance That He/She Is The One) Or Physical(Visions, Trances Etc).

A Prophecy Can Only Confirm What God Has Already Laid In Your Heart Or Spoken To You About. A Prophecy Should Not Come First But Will Only Come As A Confirmation. A Pastor Or Spiritual Leader CANNOT Choose For You Because They Are Not God And Do Not Know Or See Your Heart As God Does But They Can Also Confirm What God Has Already Told You.

Finally, A Woman CANNOT Propose To A Man Because There’s No Scriptural Backing To It. God Made Woman For Man And Not The Other Way Round Therefore, It Is The Duty Of A Man To Propose To The Woman Whom God Has Led Him To Marry. There Is No Age Limit To Marriage Because God Is Not Limited By Our Ages Or By Time – He Brings Our Spouses To Us At His Own Time Not Ours.

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