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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Lover Is In Love With Another. What Should I Do?

Dear Beloved, What Are You To Do When Your Lover Who Claims To Love You So Much Is In Love With Another?

In Sincerely Answering Your Question, There’s Really Nothing You Can Do. If Your Lover Who “Claims” To Love You So Much Is Now In Love With Another Person, It Means He/She Never Really Loved You In The First Place And Also That It Is Not Of God. So It Is Best The Relationship Got Broken Now Than Waste More Precious Years Of Your Life.

A Relationship That Is Of God Or Has Received God’s Consent Would Never Dissolve Just Like That Because God Never
Makes A Mistake In Selecting Two People Who Genuinely Love Him To Be Joined As Man And Wife. A Relationship Between Two Unbelievers Who Might Call Themselves Christians But Still Living In Sin And Fornicating Together Can Never Be Of God.

Like I Always Say, Broken Relationships Will Always Make Someone More Careful Next Time Before Entering Into Another Relationship. And Mind You, If That Next Relationship Is Not Also Of God, Then There’s A High Probability That It Will Crash And Not End In Marriage Because God Cannot Be Deceived. We Will All Reap Whatever Seed We Sow.

Finally, I’ll Advice You To Move On With Your Life. If You’re Far From God, Return To Him By Becoming A Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus, Hand Over Your Relationship To Him And Watch The Pleasant Surprises He Has In Store For You.

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