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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I Had A Crush On Him, Now In Love Though He’s Married And Now Divorced. What Do I Do?

Dearly Beloved, When I Was 10 Years Old, I Had A Crush On A Boy Who Was Our Neighbor Then & 5 Years Older Than Me. Whenever I See Him I Run To The House And Hide Not Knowing He Knew It. That Continued Until I Was 15 When He Left For The United States. I Moved On With My Life Thinking I Will Never See Him Again But Then Thank God For Facebook. He Added Me & I Was So Happy But One Thing Was Wrong, He Got Married.
I Was So Devastated Even Though I Was Seeing Someone Else Then. A Year Later, I Left Nigeria To Study In Europe. He Called Me On Phone (Best Day Ever!!) From The States & We Talked For Hours & Then He Told Me He's Divorced His Wife. I Felt Sad For Him. We Talked To The Extent He Told Me He Knew I Had A Crush On Him Years Back. After That Day We Never Talked Again Maybe Because I Told Him I Was With Someone Else. Early This Year I Broke Up With My Boyfriend, So Then I Got Talking With Him Again.
We Talked On Video Chat Every Blessed Day, We Became Part Of Each Other's Lives. Due To Difference In Time, I Had Two Clocks To Know What Time It Is In His Country. This Time It Wasn't A Crush, I Fell In Love With Him & He Said He's In Love With Me Too. Why I'm Writing To You Is Because I Hardly Hear From Him These Days. Now We Talk Like Once A Week & It’s Been A Month Now.
I Don't Know What's Wrong Beloved. I Asked Him If Anything Is Wrong, He Said We Are Fine, Just That He Distance Himself Sometimes. To Me I Think Distance Relationships Needs A Lot Of Communication If Not It Won't Work. Please Beloved What Should I Do? I Have Loved Him All My Life & I Don't Want To Lose Him Now That He's Mine. Thank You

Wow! This Is A Hard One That May Hurt Your Feelings But The Truth Must Be Said Because Nobody Can Deny Or Refute The Truth As Found In The Living Word (Bible) Can I Be Very Honest With You And Tell You That He’s Not Yours. He May Be Divorced But As Far As God Is Concerned, He’s A Married Man Till Death Parts Him And His Wife.

Read The
Words Of Jesus Himself According To Mark 9:11-12 – “He Answered, ‘Anyone Who Divorces His Wife And Marries Another Woman Commits Adultery Against Her. And If She Divorces Her Husband And Marries Another Man, She Commits Adultery.”

Read Also The Words Of St. Paul In 1cor.7:10-11 – To The Married I Give This Command (Not I But The Lord): A Wife Must Not Separate From Her Husband. But If She Does, She Must Remain Unmarried Or Else Be Reconciled To Her Husband. And A Husband Must Not Divorce His Wife.”

I Pray You Will Heed The Words Of Our Lord Jesus And Cut Off The Notion Of Getting Married To That Guy As That Would Be Committing Adultery With Him And Living Against The Instructions Of Our Lord Jesus. Take Heart Dear ‘Cos This Would Be Painful And Pray To God To Send Your Own Husband To You And Your Feelings For This Wrong Guy Will Fade Because He’s Someone’s Husband. Shalom.

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