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Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (8).. By Samson Ajilore..

The Word has got all the answers!

“How can a young person keep his life pure? [He can do it] by holding on to your Word. (Psalm 119:9 GW).
The Scripture above makes it clear that the only way to keep our life pure is by holding on to the Word. Now to hold on to something means that you’re intimate with that thing. We must learn to fellowship with the Word through constant meditation and practice. If our mind is filled with the Word, our life will be filled with it. Until the Word becomes the absolute controller of our life, we’re not going to keep a pure life. We must keep our passions under the authority of God’s Word. “God's will is for you to be holy, so stay away from all sexual sin” (1Thess. 4:3 NLT). 

To control our sexual passions, sometimes we have to learn how to
flee. Come to think of it, supposing Joseph knelt down and started praying or begging Potiphar’s wife when she was compelling him to sleep with her what do you think would have happened? Potiphar’s wife had an accumulated sexual passion for Joseph and she was so desperate that she would even rape him but Joseph was wise enough not to beg someone who is in such flame of lust but instead he took to his heels. Had Joseph considered laying with that woman for a spontaneous enjoyment, he could have sacrificed his destiny on the ‘alter’ of lust, he probably would have ended his life in Potiphar’s house and never ascended into the honor of Pharaoh (see Genesis 39). If you look into the passage very well you will find out that the most crucial day in Joseph life while in Potiphar’s house was the day he was alone. Temptations seem stronger in privacy. Jesus was tempted while alone in the wilderness (Math.4; Luke 4).

Sin thrives in privacy! Potiphar’s wife couldn’t get a chance to break into Joseph’s moral walls until he was alone. There are so many lessons to be learnt in the story but the most of it is to know when to run:

      “She pestered him day after day after day, but he stood his ground. He refused to go to bed with her. ON ONE OF THESE DAYS HE CAME TO THE HOUSE TO DO HIS WORK AND NONE OF THE HOUSEHOLD SERVANTS HAPPENED TO BE THERE. She grabbed him by his cloak, saying, "Sleep with me!" He left his coat in her hand and ran out of the house. When she realized that he had left his coat in her hand and run outside, she called to her house servants: "Look--this Hebrew shows up and before you know it he's trying to seduce us. He tried to make love to me but I yelled as loud as I could. With all my yelling and screaming, he left his coat beside me here and ran outside" (Gen.39:10-15 MSG).

Although Joseph got jailed because the woman told a lie against him, he later got rescued and was taken from the prison to the king’s palace. There are so many young people today whose destinies have been caged in the prison of lust. Don’t get stuck on the way, flee sexual immorality! Your own Potiphar’s wife may be a friend or someone you’re not even thoughtful of. Watch-out and stay alert against all forms of ungodliness. Sin isn’t an opportunity but a trap; it will cost you more than you’re willing to pay. Take for example a young man who took advantage of a young lady and thought it was over, just to receive a note that the girl got pregnant two months later when he had even forgotten about the event. 

He thought it was wise to abort in other to cover the shame but the abortion led to the lady’s death. That young man because of a few minutes of lustful enjoyments started a circle of sin that led to the murder of two people, the unborn child and the mother. How terrible. Sin can cost you deeper beyond your imaginations and higher above your expectations. However sin cannot cost you more than Christ has already paid on the cross if you will give it to Him. So there is grace abounding for those who have fallen into sin. You don’t have to stay stuck, approach the Father boldly in the name of Jesus our righteous Lawyer and obtain forgiveness (see 1John 2:1-2; Heb.4:14-16).

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