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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Is It A Crime To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret?

Hi Beloved, Can I Ask You This Question?  Is It A Crime To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret?
The Answer Is NO! It Is Not A Crime At All To Tell Your Best Friend Your Secret. From Your Question, It Seems You Were Betrayed By Your Friend Best Who You Confided In. Most Of The People We Call Our Best Friends Might Not Really Have Our Best Interest At Heart Like We Have Theirs.
 This Will Lead Me To Say That Your Friends Will Always Be Like You Because As The Saying Goes;
“Birds Of The Same Feather Tends To Flocks Together”. What Manner Of A Person Are You? Are You A Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus? If Your Answer Is YES, Then Your Best Friend Ought To Be A Believer Like You Who’ll Be Worthy Of Your Trust.

But If Your Answer Is NO Or I’M NOT SURE, Then You Can See Why Your Best Friend Whose Answer Will Be Same As Yours Can Betray Your Confidence In Her Because She Might Be Envious Of You And Looking For A Way To Expose You To Shame, Scorn And Ridicule.

My Final Advice To You Would Be To First Of All Take A Stand For Jesus And Once You Do, Then Ask Him To Lead You To True Friends Who Will Never Cause You Grief Or Betray Your Confidence. As For Your Best Friend, I’ll Ask You To Forgive Her But Learn Your Lessons, Seek God’s Divine Wisdom And Think Twice Before Confiding In Another Friend.

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