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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Don’t Know What My Ex Is Up To. Confused. Please Help..

I Broke Up With My Ex-Boyfriend Because His Mother Said I Can’t Bear Him A Child In Future. So He Called Me And Said That The Relationship Is 50/50 After Several Changes. Since Then, No Calls From Him But For The Past Month Now, We Talk On Phone And Of Recent He Ends His Call With I Love U. I’m Confused Now Because I Asked Him What He Really Mean Or Want But He Has Refused To Reply. I’m Confused… Please Help.

I Wonder Why His Mother Would Say Such A Thing About You Not Being Able To Bear Her Son A Child In The Future. Was There Something She Knew About You? But All The Same, No Person Has The Right To Conclude On The Fate Of Another Person Because We Are Not God And There’s Nothing God Cannot Do. So Don’t Let That One Bother You.

I Did Not Understand What
Your Ex-Boyfriend Meant By The Relationship Being 50/50. I Wonder Why He Stopped Calling For A While But Has Started Indicating Interest In You Again And Now Conclude His Calls With ‘I Love You’ Without Coming Out Openly To Tell You What He Wants From You This Time Around.

There’s Nothing To Be Confused About Because Our God Is Not An Author Of Confusion. Next Time He Calls, Begin Answering The Call By Asking Him The Reason For Trying To Come Back To You And If He Still Refuses To Reply, Then End The Call. If He’s Very Serious, He Has To Settle Your Issues With His Mum First Of All, Then Let You Know Clearly What He Wants From You.

Finally, Commit Everything To God In Prayers. And Will Not God Bring About Justice For His Chosen Ones Who Cry Out To Him Day And Night… (Luke 18:7). But My Question Is This: Are You Among God’s CHOSEN ONES? If Your Answer Is No Or You Are Not Sure, Then Repent And Become A Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus And All Will Be Well With You.

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