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Monday, November 26, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (9).. By Samson Ajilore..

 Unholy Intimacy& Un-sanctified Privacy..
Do Not Keep Unholy Intimacy With The Opposite Sex. If You Have Sexual Feelings And There Is No Opposite Sex Alone With You, You’re Safer Than Having It When You’re Alone With An Opposite Sex In A Room. The Bible Says That We Should Put On Christ And Not Provide For The Flesh To Manifest Its Lust In Us. “Let Us Walk Properly, As In The Day, Not In Revelry And Drunkenness, Not In Lewdness And Lust, Not In Strife And Envy. But Put On The Lord Jesus Christ, And Make No Provision For The Flesh, To Fulfill Its Lusts” (Rom.13:13-14).

 The Weymouth New Testament (WNT) Puts The Fourteenth Verse Like This, “On The Contrary, Clothe Yourselves With The Lord Jesus Christ, And Make No Provision For Gratifying Your Earthly Cravings” (Rom. 13:14 WNT). People Give So Much Attention To Sexual Passions And Other Carnal Cravings But The Flesh Shouldn’t Be Given So Much Attention.

If We Learn To
Starve The Flesh, It Will Not Outgrow Its Bond, Just Don’t Feed The Flesh! If We Do Not Provide For Opportunities To Fulfill Our Sexual Cravings By Allowing Unsanctified Privacy With The Opposite Sex, Then The Passion Will Fade Away Every Time It Comes. Providing For The Flesh Is Allowing For Occasions That Could Result In Sexual Sins.
What About Just A Little Kiss?

Most Times, Youths Ask If They Could Kiss The Fellow They Were Going To Marry Before Their Marriage. The Fact That They Ask Means They’re Probably Getting A Witness On The Inside That It’s Not Right. The Truth Is; Can You Kiss That Fellow In Public? Evil Will Appear To You If You Get Into All Those Kissing And Other Activities In The Secret And The Bible Said You Should Flee From All Appearances Of Evil.

Kissing, Romance And All Those Will Surely Result In Fornication Eventually. The Human Sexuality Is Like A Computer Programmed With A Lot Of Buttons In Which One Button Triggers The Rests, One Action Leads To The Other. Once You Press The Button Of Kissing, You Will Not Stop There The Next Time, And Before You Know It, Oops, You’re Down Into Fornication!

Don’t Trigger Love Before The Time Is Ripe, True Love Can Wait. How Far Can You Go? My Advice Is Simple; Hands Off And Cloths On! Avoid Undue Intimacy Because It Will Result In Pains And Wounds. I’ve Heard Many Who Said They Cannot Help Falling. Avoiding Sexual Immorality Isn’t A Matter Of Empty Confession, But You’ve Got To Exercise Godly Wisdom.

 God Said Flee; Don’t Wait! You’re Not Strong Outside Of His Word, So Respect Your Limits, “Flee From Fornication. Any Other Sin That A Human Being Commits Lies Outside The Body; But He Who Commits Fornication Sins Against His Own Body. Or Do You Not Know That Your Bodies Are A Sanctuary Of The Holy Spirit Who Is Within You--The Spirit Whom You Have From God? And You Are Not Your Own, For You Have Been Redeemed At Infinite Cost. Therefore Glorify God In Your Bodies” (1Cor.6:18-20 WNT).
It Doesn’t Get Any Clearer Than That!

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