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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Distance Relationship. Can It Really Work??

Dear Beloved, Is It Possible Keep A Distance Relationship, And The Love Will Still Be There? That Is Seeing The Person Once In Two Years?

I Believe I Can Give You A Good Advice On This Matter Because I’m Personally Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship/Engagement And From Experience; I Can Say That It’s Absolutely Possible To Keep Or Get Involved In A Long-Distance Relationship As Far As You Trust Each Other.

What Kills Every Relationship Is A Lack Of Trust. Trust Is So Important In A Relationship Because It Is The
Glue – After Love Of Course – That Holds A Relationship Together. If You Don’t Trust Your Friend, Then Whether He’s Far Or Near Is Not The Issue Because You’ll Still Continue To Suspect Him.

From Experience, My FiancĂ© And I Trust Each Other Therefore The Distance Is Not An Issue For Us Because We’re Both Answerable To God First Of All, Before Man. He’s A Born-Again Child Of God And So Am I. Now Permit Me To Ask You; Are You Born-Again? Is Your Guy Born-Again?

Bring A Christian Or A Church-Goer Does Not Make Someone A Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus But Truly/Genuinely Accepting Christ As Your Lord And Saviour And Living A Life That Makes This Truth Clear To All.

The Issue Of Seeing Him Once In Two Years Is Too Long And I’m Not Comfortable At All With That. Anyway, My Candid Advice To You Would Be To Seek God’s Face And Consent First To Know If That Guy Is Truly His Choice Of Husband For You. Once This Is Achieved, I Believe The Issue Of Seeing Him Once In Two Years Will Be Resolved Too. Shalom.

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