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Monday, December 17, 2012

How To Handle Sexual Feelings (10).. By Samson Ajilore..

Why Can’t We Do It; After All We Are Getting Married?

It Has Been Observed That Several People In Courtship Or Engagement Think That It Is Okay To Have Sex As Long As It’s With Your Partner Alone, They Call That ‘Being Faithful’ To One Another. Although, They May Be Faithful To One Another In That Process As They Say But They Do Not Own One Another And As Such They Are Supposed To Be Faithful To God Who Owns Them Beyond Any Other. God Commanded That Marriage Should Be Honorable In All And The Bed Must Not Be Defiled, 

“Let Marriage Be Held In Honour Among All, And Let The Marriage Bed Be Unpolluted; For Fornicators And Adulterers God Will Judge” (Heb.13:4 Wnt). Notice That It Says God Will Judge Fornicators Before It Mentioned Adulterers; This Is Because Fornication Is Premarital Sex While Adultery Is Extramarital Sex (Sex With Another Person Different Form One’s Husband Or Wife), God Condemns Both.
Even During The Process Of Courtship Or Engagement, We Must Not Allow Premarital Sex Because That Is Defilement. “Each Of You Should Know That Finding A Husband Or Wife For Yourself Is To Be Done In A Holy And Honorable Way” (1thes. 4:4 Gw).

Certain Young Minds Would Even Ask That If They
Do Not Practice Sex Before Marriage How Would They Confirm That The Person They Want To Marry Isn’t Impotent Or How Can They Tell If She Can Get Pregnant. This Is Just Few Among The Several Questions That We’ve Been Asked. When The Church Begins To Think Like The World And Gets Education From The World’s System, All These Kinds Of Strange Thoughts Begin To Evolve. We Should Learn How To Depend On The Holy Spirit And The Word Of God In Choosing A Spouse And Not Let The Difficulties Of Other Married People Drive Us Into Fear, Negative Presumptions And Ungodly Choices. God’s Word And Not Some People’s Experiences Should Constitute What We Expect In Marriage. Of Course This Doesn’t Mean That We Shouldn’t Ask Questions But We Should Depend On The Holy Spirit Because As Many As Are Led By God’s Spirit Are God’s Children (Romans 8:14).

 Now This Is Where Several Church Folks Get Into Trouble When They Say They’re Walking By Faith In Choosing A Spouse And Then They Refuse To Ask Practical Question Including Finances, Sexuality And So On. Just That One Gets Born Again Doesn’t Mean They Should Send Their Minds On A Vacation, They Only Have To Renew It With The Word. Follow Your Spirit But Don’t Throw Away Your Mind Too, Just Keep It In Subjection To God’s Word And Use It Wisely. Marriage Is Largely About Agreement. Amos 3:3 Asks If Two People Can’t Walk Together Except They Agree, So Discuss Your Differences In Every Area And Straighten Them Out Before Marriage Because Most Of The Problems People Have In Marriage Are Largely Not The Ones That Generates In The Marriage But The Baggage They Bring Into It. 

Don’t Let Any Deceive You Into Marriage, If You’re Not Sure Wait, You Don’t Have To Rush Things Because God Isn’t In A Hurry Like The Devil, The Devil Has Limited Time But God Has Eternity! Many Have Rushed Issues And Refused To Be Practical In Choosing Mates And Now They Are Caught Up In A Web. Pray, Walk In The Word, Follow The Spirit, Seek Godly Counsel And Ask Questions. Above All Be Patient But Be Sensitive. God Doesn’t Want Us To Be Like The Horse Or The Mule; The Horse Is Too Fast And The Mule Is Too Slow. We Must Be Moderate And Not Extreme In Our Life. Be Ye Not As The Horse, Or As The Mule, Which Have No Understanding; Whose Trappings Must Be Bit And Bridle To Hold Them In, Else They Will Not Come Near Unto Thee” (Psalm 32:9 Asv)

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