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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Overcoming Masturbation And Lust..

Dear Beloved, Please How Can I Overcome Masturbation And Lust Because I Have Come To Understand That These Two Work Together?          

My Dear, I'm So Touched By This Message ‘Cos You Chose To Speak It Out And I Believe This Is The Work Of The Holy Spirit. I Truly Understand Your Predicament More Than You Could Ever Know Because I've Passed Through The Same Thing And The Blood Of Jesus Christ Washed Me Thoroughly Clean And I Know That If He Can Do It For Me, Then He Can Do It For You Too.

Masturbation And Lust Most Often Goes With
Pornography. When I Was Younger, I Read Romantic And Erotic Novels, Watched Pornographic Films, Lusted And Masturbated Too. I Prayed And Prayed After Each Shameful Act And After A While, I'll Return To Those Sins Again. I Later Realized Through The Help Of The Holy Spirit That I Can Never Do It On My Own Strength And You Can't Too.

I Handed It Over To Him, Destroyed All The Corrupt Cd's And Stopped Reading Such Novels. Anything That Made Me Think Bad And Corrupt Thoughts Had To Be Done Away With Because The Bible Tells Us That "To The Pure, All Things Are Pure But To The Corrupt, All Things Are Corrupt." 

The Way You Confessed And Said It Out Is Very Encouraging And A Slap To The Devil. I Never Told Anyone About This Testimony Because The Act Is So Dirty And Shameful But It's Only By Confessing That We Become Free And I Thank The Holy Spirit For Using You To Make Me Proclaim God's Saving Grace Upon My Life. My Mess Has Become My Message And Yours Can Become Your Message Too If You Will Give Room To The Holy Spirit!

What I'm Saying Here Is That You Can't Win This Battle On Your Strength But Rather, Your Deliverance Comes In Christ. Discard All Corrupt Things Related To Pornography And Masturbation And Tell It To Jesus That You Want And Truly Desire To Be Washed In His Blood, To Remove The Dullness In Your Heart And Make You Feel Loved Again. He's Waiting To Hear From You And By The Grace Of God, You Will Surely Conquer It The Way I Conquered Mine For Years And Still Remain A Conqueror In Jesus' Name, Amen!!

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