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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Why Is He Not Straightforward?

Hi beloved, God bless you for the words of wisdom coming from you. My question is this;
I really love a certain guy and I know that he really loves me. We're yet to meet and he has a passion for God(a minister).
The problem is that he always avoid answering direct questions and does not want to take a stand on the relationship and I end up asking and probing him for answers.He says he's not in a relationship but his page on facebook says he is.
Am I doing the right thing and can he be said to be serious? Thanks.


I'll have to be very honest with you dear. Most times, our feelings or emotions blind us from seeing some certain things. The man shouldn't be playing tricks or hide and seek with you because a man of God should be full of integrity and should have a straight-forward life.

I'm not comfortable at all with the way he silently allows you to take the lead in the relationship because the Bible says that HE who finds a wife, not SHE who finds a husband. When it comes to life or marriage issues, thinking does not have a role but actual certanity that he's the man.

He ought to know all these things as a minister of God and what he should do is to come out boldly and tell you what's on his mind or what God revealed to him about you and then, ask you to pray about it for God's confirmation too. Now, what you have to do is to ask him to tell you his stand and no beating around the bush. If he says nothing, then you have to take it to God in prayers and most times, it's not a must you'll hear audibly from God but when God confirms a man, He brings peace and from your question, the peace is not there and that's why you're worried.

Do u know that if your heart is not right, worshipping God becomes very hard? So, why allow anyone to play with your heart and emotions? I'm not saying the man is not honest though. All I'm saying is that he should come out and tell you his plans for the relationship so you can know your stand in the whole thing. So, commit the conversation to God and ask the Holy Spirit to take over, then call him and discuss with him. It would have been better if you guys can see(please beware of internet relationships) but nevertheless, a call would still be okay.

Remain richly blessed..

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  1. Apart from this bible verse which says the heart of man is so deceitful who can tell, outside this. one of the reason why the man couldn't proceed could be financial constraint, you should be able to convinced him that you ready to take/acept him for who he is. if not maybe he wants a comfirmation from God, and with that you need to be patience. God bless


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