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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My God-chosen Suitor's Mother Is A Witch!

I want to do the will of God.
I met a guy who wants to marry me and after much prayers, more than two witnesses confirmed that he's the man God has chosen for me. The problem is that they also revealed that the guy's mother is a witch and that she will make things hard for me if I don't go her way. My family said I should leave him because of his mother's witchcraft. What should I do? (A question I treated today on facebook)

My dear, if you're really sure and God has also personally confirmed it to you that the guy is His choice for you, then go ahead and fear no man. When God asks you to go ahead, he equips you with all you'll need and remember that the Bible says that 'when a man finds favour with the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him'.

So fear God who has the over-all power and authority than man who has nothing and can do nothing except that which our Lord permits.
Commit it to God in prayers and He'll make your paths clear. Do not be afraid for the Lord is with you BUT be sure it is the Lord that confirmed him.

Remain richly blessed dear..


  1. Beloved this is so hard to cope with!coz still we dont want to disobey our beloved parents.be highly blessed.

  2. Thanks dear for your comment. When our parents strongly oppose our choices and if we're sure it's God that is directing our steps, the best thing to do is hold on and allow Him to work on our parents. All we need is wait on God and He'll surely prove himself.
    And if it's fear that's making them to object, hand it over to God and He'll surely perfect all at His own time..

  3. absolutly true, i had wanted to comment since yesterday but i couldn't, i just get it now. and this is very similar to what i wrote but unfortunately i couldn't paste it( you should be sure of this that God's opinion concerning us, supersede that of our parent, but this doesn't mean we should disobey them, we can only pray that God should change their heart).


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